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Punishment Announced for Umpire Who Made Insanely Bad Game-Ending Call

by Jonathan Wagner
umpire punishment
C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images.

The college baseball world couldn’t believe its eyes this weekend when an umpire infamously stole the show in a game on Friday night. Now, the umpire has officially received punishment for his unbelievable actions.

With New Orleans leading Mississippi Valley State 7-3 in the final inning on Friday night, outfielder Davon Mims stepped to the plate with two outs. The 1-1 pitch was called a strike, which drew quite the reaction from Mims. He leaped in the air in disbelief, before returning to the batter’s box to show where the pitch missed. On the ensuing 1-2 pitch, the umpire seemingly had enough.

The pitch wasn’t even in proximity to the strike zone. The 1-2 pitch was nearly in the dirt and in the opposite batter box. But Mims was rung up, and he had an understandably heated reaction.

The home plate umpire must not have liked Mims’ reaction to the second called strike. Umpires miss calls all the time, and that’s expected. But ringing Mims up on that pitch was embarrassing for the game of baseball.

While the play might not have mattered in the long run, Mims is a dangerous threat on the base paths. Even though Mississippi Valley State trailed 7-3 and was down to their final out, Mims leads college baseball in stolen bases with 21 on the season. Baseball can change quickly, but Mims and his team were stripped of that opportunity.

Southland Conference Announces Punishment for Umpire

Unfortunately for Mississippi Valley State, they went on to lose 35-3 on Saturday. As they gear up for Sunday’s series finale, they will be able to take solace in the fact that the home plate umpire from Friday’s game will not be calling games anytime soon.

On Saturday, the Southland Conference, which is the home of New Orleans, suspended the umpire indefinitely. The conference deemed the umpire’s actions as “detrimental to the Conference,” and he was immediately removed from the rest of the series in addition to his indefinite suspension.