WATCH: Punk Soccer Player Attacks Female Referee, Chaos Ensues

by Dustin Schutte

Go ahead and label this as one of the most abhorrent sports moments of 2022. A punk soccer player attacked a female referee during a weekend match in Argentina, resulting in chaos and an arrest.

Problems arose during a division match between Garmense and Independencia in the Tres Arroyos Regional League, when player Cristian Tirone attacked a female official after being handed a yellow card.

Players approached the official after she handed out the yellow card in an aggressive manner. Other players and referees at the game attempted to interview, but Tirone ran full steam and threw a hard forearm at the woman, Dalma Cortadi.

After the vicious and cowardly attack, Cortadi fell to the ground. Thankfully, she got back up to her feet and walked away. Police at the game approached Tirone and eventually escorted him off the field and arrested him, according to TMZ Sports.

The league rightfully banned Tirone permanently. Cortadi said it’s the right move and that he should never be allowed to play again.

“You have to kick him out forever,” she said, per TMZ. “He should never be in any club. He is a violent person, he must also be in his daily life. I saw it on the video: a normal person does not do what this man did. No person deserves this. We don’t go to the [matches] to be beaten. I hope he pays for what he did.”

Fighting Too Common in Sports

What happened during the soccer game in Argentina was shocking and cowardly. That’s not exactly a surprising stance or the hottest of takes. It’s another unfortunate indicator, though, that fighting is becoming way too common in sports.

During this year’s Home Run Derby before the MLB All-Star Game, a massive fight broke out in the bleachers at Dodger Stadium. While a bunch of idiots threw punches, women and children had to run from the incident, which certainly caused panic.

Remember, everyone, it’s just a game. There’s no need to see more of this in sports.