Quarterback Josh Allen Takes on Defensive Lineman as Fight Erupts at Buffalo Bills Camp

by Dustin Schutte

Sometimes, a leader has to prove he’s not afraid of anyone. For Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, it meant taking on a 6-foot-6, 341-pound defensive tackle.

Near the conclusion of Bills’ practice from training camp on Saturday, a fight erupted between Allen and Jordan Phillips. The two parties had to be separated from each other. That’s a pretty brave move from the quarterback, who’s giving up more than 100 pounds in this scuffle.

Dov Kleiman, who covers the NFL, shared the video of the entanglement on Twitter. After the brief fight, both teammates intervened to break it up.

It’s not really clear what prompted the on-field scuffle during the Bills’ practice on Saturday. Allen may have taken exception to a shove from Phillips when the play was whistled dead.

Stuff like this isn’t uncommon during training camps. Players are working hard to secure a spot on the roster and hoping to improve on the previous season. And in such a physical game, not everyone will get along, even if you’re wearing the same jersey.

Buffalo Teammates Have Faith in Josh Allen

Saturday’s pushing and shoving aside, there’s a lot of trust and confidence Josh Allen’s teammates have in him to be a leader. One of those individuals is tight end Dawson Knox.

Knox spoke highly of Allen while meeting with SiriusXM’s NFL Radio earlier this month. He even defined playing with the quarterback as “a dream.” Maybe a fight at Buffalo’s camp doesn’t paint the perfect picture, but it does show some of Allen’s passion the tight end talked about.

“I mean, it’s every receiver, tight end, running back, it’s everyone’s dream to play with a guy like that,” Knox said, via NFL.com. “I mean, he can put the ball 70 yards down the field, or throw off his back foot back across himself, or make plays with his legs and extend plays. There’s nothing that guy can’t do. We’ve seen him stiff arm defensive ends to the ground.

“He’s jumping over linebackers, and just trucking guys. It’s insane. We’re trying to tell him to slide more often, but with the way he runs the ball, it’s hard to tell him to go down when he can make crazy plays with his feet, too. But he’s another guy that everyone loves off the field as well.

“He’s a perfect leader for us, he’s not necessarily the rah-rah guy in the locker room, but the way he plays and the way he leads by example is second to none.”