Quarterback Lamar Jackson Roasts Former Baltimore Ravens Defensive Back Bernard Pollard in Hilarious Twitter Feud

by Patrick Norton

While Baltimore Ravens fans didn’t always show unwavering support for Lamar Jackson, nothing rallies the purple and black faithful quite like the quarterback’s social media presence. For No. 8, staying out of the headlines means lacking relevance. But yesterday’s battle with a former Ravens safety meant war on the Baltimore NFL Homefront.

After Bernard Pollard posted some inflammatory takes on Twitter about the quarterback’s play, Jackson made sure to share his two cents. Blasting the throwing ability, Pollard says, “LJ is good but he’s not able to make the throws.”

The former defensive back believes this is the root cause behind Baltimore’s inability to lure premiere receiving talent in free agency. Pollard blasts, “They give him the respect, but they don’t want to play with him.” Jackson fired back within ten minutes. The quarterback retorts, “you got your Super Bowl cause of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.”

Pollard seemingly tries to end the hostility, but Jackson refuses to relent. The 37-year old says to the QB1, “facts are facts.” However, Jackson diatribes into mentioning his lack of prior knowledge of the safety’s existence. There’s light-hearted fun online – and then there’s this.

Jackson’s Feud With Pollard Caught The Eye of Other NFLers

Current Ravens safety Tony Jefferson has his quarterback’s back, responding to one of Jackson’s tweet with a comical photo representing No. 8 knocking out Pollard.

Lamar Jackson’s former backup quarterback and current ESPN talking head Robert Griffin III reacted to the tweets, saying, “stop playing with him.”

Pollard’s intent might not have included waking the best within Jackson. However, that’s exactly what the defensive back accomplished on social media. Furthermore, it appears Jackson has the full, unrelenting support of Baltimore’s locker room.

Pollard’s history of disdain toward the Ravens stems further than this one social occurrence. The former back feuded with Ed Reed when Pollard openly jeered Baltimore in a playoff game against Tennessee in 2020. While Pollard actively tries to remain in relevance, it’s the Lamar Jackson Show in Baltimore and his teammates require zero convincing.