LOOK: Quarterback Russell Wilson Arrives at Denver Broncos Training Camp In Style

by Patrick Norton

Russell Wilson certainly has a special flair. The NFL quarterback might come across as an over-exaggerated awkward guy who also happens to throw and run with a football better than most. However, nobody can say he doesn’t care deeply for the game and for his family. A photo captured on his way into Denver Broncos training camp has some noticing Wilson’s interesting style.

Yes, he’s wearing his own jersey. Is it weird? Not really. Wilson loves his craft, enjoys his new home in Denver after 10 seasons in Seattle, and this is just one way of showing that off. The quarterback’s enthusiasm for the Seahawks faded as the team around him deteriorated. But in Denver, Wilson enters as a saving grace and missing piece for a deep, talented roster.

Sporting Denver’s throwback classic wins over fans, too. While the nine-time Pro Bowler probably didn’t have to pay for his own replica, it certainly validates a specific subsection of fans that keep the custom-jersey market open.

The jersey always means something, but it’s an awkward feeling when asked about the player listed on the back. Personally tempted to invent a fictitious backstory for somebody that never played the sport, but shares my surname, Russ lucks out. The quarterback simply has to turn around to reveal his identity.

Russell Wilson’s Eccentricities Frequently Yields Laughs, But Importantly Earns Respect

While the quarterback went viral last month for a video depicting behind-the-scenes crowd work material, his passion comes across crystal clear in each storyline. Chanting “Broncos Country, let’s ride” into an empty room doesn’t reach the intended audience. But in front of 76,000 screaming fanatics at Mile High Stadium, the energy plays.

As for jumping on the Twitter trend of “If I text you [emoji], it means [something]”, folks enjoyed poking fun at the quarterback’s corny nature. Even our social media team joined the badgering bandwagon. But don’t fret for Wilson; Oscar Wilde reminds us, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”