Raiders Coach Josh McDaniels Speaks Out About Davante Adams Shoving Camera Guy

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

As an investigation gets underway about what happened between Davante Adams and a cameraman after the Raiders versus Chiefs game on Monday (October 10th), Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels is continuing to stand by the wide receiver. 

ESPN reports that hours after a police report was taken on Davante Adams’ actions, McDaniels revealed that he did not know yet what may or may not come from the NFL in regard to the situation. “I support Davante wholeheartedly as a human being,” McDaniels stated. “As a person, he’s a great guy. I know that was an unfortunate situation. We obviously don’t want any of our guys to be doing anything like that. He knows that. He’s very well aware of that. But I know the person; I don’t think there was any intent behind it, on his part.” 

However, McDaniel also said that whatever the NFL asks of the team, he and the Raiders will comply. “But we’re kind of in a wait-and-see [situation at this point,” he explained. 

ESPN further reported that the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department released a statement on Tuesday (October 11th) that gave details about what happened after the game. “The victim is a photographer at the Chiefs/Raiders game. At the end of the game, he was pushed to the ground causing injury. He made arrangements for private transport to the hospital for treatment at which time he called police. The injuries are preliminary though to be non-life threatening.”

The authorities further explained that the incident between the cameraman and Davante Adams will be investigated by the police department’s Assault Unit detectives. “Upon completion, they will coordinate with the applicable city or state prosecutor to determine any applicable charges.” 

It was further noted that the investigation was expected to take “longer than 1-2 days.

Davante Adams Quickly Apologizes to the Cameraman For the Injury 

After the incident with the cameraman occurred, Davante Adams quickly apologized for his actions on the field post-game. 

“I want to apologize to the guy,” Davante Adams said. “There was some guy running off the field, and he ran, like jumped in front of me coming off the field, and I bumped into him, kind of pushed him, and he ended up on the ground.” 

Davante Adams further explained that he wanted to apologize because there was just frustration “mixed” with the cameraman just running in front of him. “I shouldn’t have responded that way,” he continued. “But that’s how I initially responded. So I want to apologize to him for that.” 

A source further explained to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington that there is no timetable for a decision from the NFL. The Raiders are currently on a bye week, so the league knows it doesn’t need to be as “expeditious” as normal when it comes to the decision.