Raiders’ Josh Jacobs Rocks Sweet Christmas-Themed Cleats in Pregame

by Charles Craighill

Ahead of their matchup against the Miami Dolphins, Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs donned some rocking Christmas themed cleats. After Alvin Kamara rocked some red and green mismatching cleats in his game yesterday, the NFL likely won’t hand Jacobs a fine. Well, they should let him play at the very least.

The Nike cleats sport a Santa Claus-esque cuff around the ankles with his name stitched in. With these cleats on, Josh Jacobs will hope to deliver many gifts to the Oakland Raiders endzone.

This contradicts some of their past actions, however, the rule does seem to allow for the holiday spirit. The rule states that the player should only be removed if the uniform presents a safety risk. Since that is rarely the case with cleats, they tend to be more of a branding issue. Kamara’s cleats, and presumably Josh Jacobs’ cleats, do not present an issue in either field. That means they shouldn’t warrant removal from the game.

With that said, this action does not align with how the NFL handled a similar situation last season. In 2019, officials asked Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry to change to confirming cleats before the second half. Yesterday, officials allowed Kamara to continue to wear his holiday cleats. How officials handle Josh Jacobs today will say a lot about how the league approaches these uniform rules.

Josh Jacobs Carries the Raiders in the 2020 Season

Although Josh Jacobs only entered the NFL this year, the Las Vegas Raiders already rely on him for production. Jacobs is already well on his way to a 1,000-yard season, so long as he racks up 100 yards in the next two games combined. He has also accounted for 10 of the Raiders’ touchdowns this season. The Raiders cling to their playoff hopes as tonight is a must-win game. If the Raiders lose or if the Baltimore Ravens win, the Raiders will no longer have a chance to make the playoffs.