Raiders Owner Mark Davis Comments on Dana White’s Claim of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski Almost Signing With Team

by Chris Haney

Following the bombshell news that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski could’ve signed to play for the Las Vegas Raiders, owner Mark Davis has commented on the recent claims. Davis says he doesn’t remember the specifics of the deal, but didn’t deny that the Raiders had discussions to bring the two Pro Bowlers from the New England Patriots to Las Vegas.

Of course, Brady would eventually sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a free agent. Gronk would later follow his teammate after the Pats traded him to the Bucs. Yet according to a story told by UFC president Dana White on Saturday night, things could’ve turned out very different. During UFC 278, White made an appearance on ESPN+’s alternative broadcast UFC 278 with the Gronks.

That’s when White shared the story of brokering a deal to bring Brady and Gronk to Las Vegas, which the tight end confirmed. However, then-Raiders head coach Jon Gruden nixed the deal at the last minute. Local newspaper Las Vegas Review-Journal reached out to Gruden for comment, but he didn’t return the publication’s requests. Yet the news outlet did relay comments about the story from Raiders owner Mark Davis.

“I heard about (White’s comments),” Davis said, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “That was what — two to three years ago or something? I don’t know, man. Talk to Dana. I remember that Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay. That’s basically what I remember.”

“I have no idea. Dana has the stories,” Davis added. “I love Dana. He is a great, great promoter. Why would this make me upset?”

UFC’s Dana White Expands on His Original Comments About Brady and Gronk Going to Raiders

During the UFC 278 with the Gronks broadcast, Rob pushed Dana White to share the Raiders story. Until then, White said he had no intention of ever revealing the story about Brady and Gronk almost signing with Las Vegas.

“It was almost a done deal,” White said during the UFC broadcast. “And at the last minute, Gruden blew the deal up and said that he didn’t want him and all hell broke loose, man. It was crazy. And Brady was already looking at houses. It wasn’t said yet that Gronk was coming. So Las Vegas would have had Brady and Gronk the year that the Bucs won the Super Bowl except Gruden blew the deal up.”

“And Dana, that’s exactly what happened,” Gronk confirmed.

During the UFC 278 postfight new conference, reporters asked White about the shocking NFL news. White went on to share further details about the wild story.

“I didn’t want to talk about that, but (Gronkowski) sort of sucked me into it on live TV,” White said. “It’s true. I talked Brady into playing for the Raiders, and Gronk was coming with him. They were negotiating the deal, and they were really close to getting it done. Then Gruden pulled the deal, and Brady was not happy about it. Neither was I. And that’s that.”

“I own a box (at Allegiant Stadium),” White continued. “I wanted Brady to play there, you know? But, yeah, it’s true. And I thought I would never tell that story publicly, but I don’t know what the hell Gronk was doing tonight that he brought that up. But, yeah. It would have been amazing for the city and amazing for the Raiders. I mean, the first year there, and they have Brady and Gronk. So, yeah. I’m sure Mark Davis is real happy to hear this story.”