Rams HC Sean McVay Had a Four-Letter Word Reaction to the Christian McCaffrey Trade

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Following the Carolina Panthers’ decision to trade Christian McCaffrey to the San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay had some thoughts on the situation. 

As previously reported, the Carolina Panthers ultimately traded Christian McCaffrey after both the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams sought out the running back. While speaking to NBC Sports Bay Area, McVay recalled his profanity-laced response to the 49ers snagging the player. 

“You thought, ‘Oh sh—. They’re getting another great player,” McVay reportedly stated. “I think he’s a phenomenal player. Obviously, we saw him recently. I’ve always had respect for his game and the versatility. I think that’s your first inclination.”

The Los Angeles Rams previously faced Christian McCaffrey during Week 6 of the current NFL season. Fox News reports that the running back ran for 69 yards on 13 carries during the game. He also caught seven balls for 89 receiving yards. However, the Rams ended up beating the Panthers 24-10. Days after the trade, McCaffrey took the field with his new team. He recorded 38 rushing yards and 24 yards in the air against the Kansas City Chiefs. the Chiefs won 44-23. 

Fox News also reported that the Rams were willing to send multiple draft picks to the Panthers in exchange for Christian McCaffrey. The Panthers traded the running back to the 49ers and will now have a second, third, and fourth-round pick in 2023 and a fifth-round pick in 2024. 

Prior to the trade, Christian McCaffrey had been recovering from an ankle injury. While speaking to the Panthers media outlet, McCaffrey reassured that he was doing better. “I feel great. I think at this point, if I went to take a leak during practice, I’d end up on the report.”

Christian McCaffrey Said He’s Happy to Face the 49ers Defensive Team in Practice From Now On 

The Spun reported that during his introductory press conference with the 49ers, Christian McCaffrey spoke about the team’s defensive unit. He declared that he’s happy he only has to face them during practice from now on. 

“It’s one of the best defenses I’ve ever faced,” Christian McCaffrey explained. “And I’m happy to be on the right side of things now.” 

Christian McCaffrey then spoke about how excited he was to be on the 49ers. “Extremely fired up … Can’t express how happy I am to be here.”

Christian McCaffrey had been on the Carolina Panthers since 2017. Prior to the NFL, he played for Stanford from 2014 to 2016. McCaffrey previously tweeted about his love for the Carolina Panthers. “I’m forever grateful for all of the people who have helped make these past 5 1/2 years so special to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Carolina, I will always love you.”