Rams Post Fire ‘House of the Rams’ TNF Gameday Photo

by Jonathan Howard

Do you smell that, Outsiders? It’s football season, the best of all sports seasons. The NFL is back and the Rams are coming out hot with a TNF promo straight from Westeros. Those LA Rams are ready to run it back and play for another Super Bowl. First, it all starts with a Thursday Night Football clash with the Buffalo Bills.

Whoever in the graphics department made this a reality should get a raise. It’s done well, topical, a clash of pop culture – everything you want for a great promo.

Check it out below.

Look, as long as everyone’s helmet stays on their head and Aaron Donald keeps his cool, this should be a great game with some fun plays. These two haven’t faced off since 2020 and it was a Bills win in a very competitive game. However, these teams are not the same teams they were two years ago.

Everything is just better with football. The Rams have made a big statement here with their “House of the Rams” promo. Are they ready to breathe fire on the field and kick off another title run on the right foot? It depends on who you ask.

Can the Rams Recreate 2021?

It is going to be hard for the LA Rams to recreate what they had last season. However, if they can overcome some missing pieces on defense and get into a rhythm, who knows what might happen? Right now, the Rams are going to be focused on Buffalo. Josh Allen is a tough opponent. He has a number of weapons at his disposal, and he’s only getting more comfortable as the years go on.

Thursday Night Football is back and that’s worth celebrating. Watching the game tonight is the first step in saying goodbye to summer and welcoming the fall. That means fires, tailgates, warm clothes, and a whole lotta football. This is about the best time of year between college and the NFL starting up, so soak it in.

Get ready for a special halftime performance on Thursday night as well.

Ozzy Osbourne Performing at Halftime

When the Rams and Bills take the break at halftime, none other than the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne will come out for the halftime show. This is his first performance in the states since 2019. And, it’s really impressive because the rockstar wasn’t sure if he could perform any longer. It seems as though he has at least one more left in him.

If you can’t get hyped up for Rams and Bills with an Ozzy halftime show, I don’t know what to tell you. This is going to be a fun night. Make sure to tune in, you won’t want to miss it.