Rams vs. 49ers: NFL Fans React to Danny Trejo’s MNF Open

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)

Just to kick things off extra special for tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup, the NFL got Danny Trejo to put something together. Yes, that’s right, Danny Freakin’ Trejo. Turns out the action star is a big Rams fan. He’s all in on the city of Los Angeles, and fans love seeing him in the MNF opener.

If you’re going to have Danny Trejo do something like a promo or pregame hype video, it’s gotta be good. Judging by the reaction that fans are having on Twitter, it was just that and more.

Fans Love Seeing Danny Trejo on MNF

For those fans out there that didn’t have a vested interest in this game tonight, well, here’s a good reason to cheer for the Rams. If they can pull off the win, that will make Danny happy. Don’t you want to make Danny happy?

As the Rams take the field they will have at least one extra fan that they didn’t have before tonight. Does this mean Rams Nation is growing?

Put Danny Trejo in a dark pool hall with a dramatic voiceover and I will watch it on repeat. Seriously, this was a really great intro and it was done very well. This part was a lot of people’s favorites.

Look, there are a lot of great people out there that know how to pump up a crowd. Everyone knows The Rock is the go-to guy for just about everything now. But how about we just start putting Trejo into… well everything?

Monday Night Football is always a good time. It makes the beginning of the week bearable! We have something to look forward to. If we all knew we had a Danny Trejo promo coming our way I’m sure the day would have gone by faster.

The Rams and 49ers are facing off and there is going to be more than one famous person in attendance I’m sure. The one thing that LA has that San Francisco doesn’t have though, Danny Trejo. And that’s about all you need to know about tonight’s MNF game.