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Ravens Fan Shows Extreme Dedication by Getting Tattoo of Final Score After Win Over Chiefs

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Last night’s Sunday Night Football game featured a showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was a matchup of two teams with visions of this season’s Super Bowl dancing in their head. Both the Chiefs and the Ravens are expected to be championship contenders this year and looked like it Sunday night. As you would expect, the battle between the two NFL heavyweights was also highly contested.

The game went down to the wire where a costly fumble by the Chiefs led to the Ravens taking advantage of the opportunity. They would rally for the narrowest of victories, pulling out a 36-35 win over the reigning AFC champions. Both teams left everything they had on the field after battling for 60 minutes. It was a slugfest for most of the game with both sides landing crushing blows. For NFL fans it was everything you hope to see in a matchup between professional football titans.

Still, however, it was a week two matchup with practically nothing on the line as the 2021 NFL season is still in its infancy. Don’t get me wrong — it was a super impressive win for the Ravens and one that could factor on down the road. But a win in the second week of a long season isn’t a super special event and there is still a ways to go before anything is decided in the NFL. But, don’t tell this to Ravens super fan Nic Cullison. The life-long Ravens fan decided to get the final score of the game tattooed on his leg after the big win. That, ladies and gentlemen, is dedication to your team. The hardcore Ravens fan also took to social media to show off his latest tattoo.

Ravens Fan Shows off New Tattoo

Chances are you know an NFL fan who is crazy about their favorite team and their fandom for that team. Heck, you might be a crazy NFL fan yourself. I am a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and slept in a Randall Cunningham Jersey for several years. Whether you’re an Eagles, Ravens, Chiefs or any other NFL team’s fan, we are a special breed of human. Loyal to a fault, some NFL fans have been known to take things a little too far.

As you can plainly see from the above photo, Cullison has the date and final score of the Ravens victory tatted on his leg. Is this crossing the line? That is for you to figure out on your own. Many of us (Myself included) are saluting this man for his loyalty and dedication to his favorite team.

The question now is just how far Cullison will take it. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Detroit Lions this week. Does this fan have enough room to add even more score tats?