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Ravens HC John Harbaugh Says Lamar Jackson’s Vulgar Tweet was ‘Out of Character’

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has addressed Lamar Jackson’s vulgar tweet in response to a fan who criticized him, calling it “out of character” for the quarterback.

Harbaugh told the Baltimore media Monday he spoke to Jackson about the tweet, suggesting he got “trapped” by a fan baiting him.

“[I] just beg guys to not to get into the Twitter world right after the game, especially after a loss,” Harbaugh said, via ESPN. “It’s never going to be positive. It’s not going be a nice place, you know? That’s kind of reflected in Lamar’s response because … that’s not the way he speaks. It’s not the way he talks. It’s not the words he ever uses. I’ve never heard him say things like that before.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7) defeated the Ravens (7-4), 28-27, in Week 12 Sunday on a successful two-point conversion make with 14 seconds remaining in the game. In the aftermath of the loss, a Twitter user tagged Jackson in a tweet which read the following:

“When someone is asking for over 250 mil guaranteed like [Jackson] … games like this should not come to [kicker] Justin Tucker,” the fan wrote. “Let Lamar walk and spent that money on a well rounded team.”

The tweet didn’t go unnoticed to Jackson, who fired back with a profanity-laced response.

Jackson deleted the tweet 3½ hours later.

Jim Harbaugh Expounds on Lamar Jackson’s Tweet

Harbaugh continued Monday, saying while Jackson is frustrated, Twitter isn’t a place you “want to live right after a game.”

“Lamar Jackson, you’ve been around him. He’s got one of the biggest hearts of anybody I know,” Harbaugh said. “You all have seen him the way he treats people, the way he treats kids, the way he treats the media. And he is also one of the biggest competitors I’ve ever met. So those kind of conversations he takes very seriously. You get trapped sometimes by someone that’s baiting you just a little bit. And you can’t live there. I think that’s not a place he wants to be and that’s certainly not things that he wants to say.”