Ravens Star Lamar Jackson Runs the Ball with Three Seconds Left to Tie Steelers Record

by Jonathan Howard

There is nothing like the rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Lamar Jackson added to that today. With 3 seconds to go, the Ravens were up on the Broncos 23-7. They just needed to kneel the ball…but the QB tucked it and ran instead.

At first, it seemed strange. However, when you consider what was at stake it makes a little bit of sense. Sunday night was a night about records, and Jackson made sure the Ravens extended one in particular: their 100-yard rushing game streak. Now, up to 43.

That streak of 43 games ties the NFL record which is held by the Pittsburgh Steelers. If there is a way for the Ravens to one-up the Steelers, they are going to find a way to do it. So, Lamar Jackson tucking and running for five yards and nothing more, that is a direct, “What’s up?” right at the Pittsburgh franchise.

Next week the Colts will try and stop Baltimore from breaking the streak entirely. Otherwise, the Steelers will be helpless as the Ravens take their NFL record from them. With a QB like Jackson, rushing yards come easily. It isn’t all on the halfbacks to gain those yards. He is plenty capable of getting them himself.

The Ravens are looking like one of the best teams in the league right now. Their decisive win over the Broncos at Mile High shows that they are going to be gunning for any and everybody this year.

Lamar Jackson, Ravens Take Down Broncos in Denver

This was a great game from Lamar Jackson. The Ravens QB appears to be in top form. For a guy that critics say can’t pass the ball, having 316 yards ain’t so bad. What really stood out in this game was the ineffective offense from Denver.

This game didn’t have a lot of big plays or crazy drives. For the Broncos, they had to play both Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater after the latter got injured. Lock ended up with 113 yards and one interception. Bridgewater had 65 yards and a touchdown. They had some help from Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams in the running game, but it was not meant to be.

They just managed one touchdown all game as a team, they didn’t even attempt a field goal all game. Noah Fant, the tight end brought in that passing TD from Bridgewater.

As for the Ravens, most of their offense was done in the first half. The second quarter was a big push of scoring for Baltimore. They put up 17 points and pulled away from the Broncos just in time for the half. Justin Tucker, the GOAT, hit three field goals, the longest being from 46 yards.

By the end of the game, Lamar Jackson had 316 yards through the air and a touchdown. He ran the ball seven times for 28 yards. Latavius Murray led the way in the rushing category with 59 yards and a touchdown in 18 carries. This was a game that the Ravens played well in but, for the neutral, was a bit boring. Besides that one quarter, there weren’t a lot of issues.