Rece Davis and David Pollack Can’t Believe Peyton and Eli Manning Aren’t Calling Ole Miss-Tennessee

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

This coming weekend promises to be another exciting one for college football fans. One of the games that should bring excitement to viewers is the SEC showdown between Ole Miss and the University of Tennessee. However, the fact that the Manning brothers aren’t going to be calling that game has shocked some people.

Both of those well-known schools boast many famous graduates. Two of their most famous graduates are Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. Peyton was a star quarterback for the Vols at Tennessee. Eli was a star quarterback for the Rebels at the University of Mississippi.

Both of these Manning brothers went on to have successful careers in the National Football League (NFL). And both were Super Bowl champions. Peyton spent most of his career with the Indianapolis Colts. He later played for the Denver Broncos. Eli spent his career with the New York Giants.

Now that both of the Manning brothers have retired from professional football, they – like so many other former athletes – have turned to sports commentary. And when they have appeared together on camera, the rapport they share makes for very entertaining television. Their recent appearances on ESPN2 for “Monday Night Football” are a perfect example of that.

So, it would seem like a sure thing to have Peyton Manning and Eli Manning call the game between their respective alma maters. Not only would they have plenty of things to share about each of the SEC schools, they would also entertain football fans with their witty rapport. However, this not going to happen.

This news has shocked many people, including Rece Davis and David Pollack of ESPN. According to The Tennessean, the two men shared their disappointment during a conversation on “The ESPN College Football Podcast.”

“The biggest disappointment in that is that Peyton and Eli aren’t doing their show during that game,” said Davis. “That would be fun. Why not? We can make that happen,” Pollack added.

Watching the Manning Brothers Call Tennessee/Ole Miss Football Game ‘Would Be Amazing’ One ESPN Analyst Said

Like most football fans, Davis and Pollack felt that a Manning vs. Manning coverage of the game would be very entertaining. “It would be amazing,” Davis also said. Peyton played for UT from 1994 until 1997. Eli was at Ole Miss from 2000 until 2003.

Instead of the Manning brothers, viewers of the Tennessee/Ole Miss game on the SEC Network will see Tom Hart, Jordan Rodgers, and Cole Cubelic. Hart will be the play-by-play man. Rodgers will be the analyst. Cubelic will report from the sideline.

The showdown between the University of Tennessee Vols and the Ole Miss Rebels on Saturday, Oct. 16, is the first time the two schools have met on the football field since 2014.

Making the game even more entertaining is that former Vols head coach Lane Kiffin is now the coach of Ole Miss. He didn’t leave Knoxville on good terms. So, that is adding another level of drama to the SEC showdown. Even Kiffin wanted to see the Manning brothers call the game.

Kickoff for the game, which will be played in Knoxville, is 7:30 p.m. The Vols go into the game with a 4-2 record. Ole Miss is 4-1 and will go into Saturday’s contest ranked 13th in the nation.