Red Sox Fans Get Heated After Woman Spits on Man Over Seat Dispute

by Madison Miller

It seems like with each new MLB game comes another heated fight or argument going on with fans out in the stands. Nothing gets people more riled up than defending their favorite baseball team in person.

This time, however, a heated dispute took place at the recent Red Sox and Orioles game this and it had nothing to do with an abundance of team pride.

Woman Spits on Man at Red Sox Game

A Twitter video shows the exact moment in which an argument was taken to a whole other inappropriate level. A man approached a Boston fan and asked her about where she was sitting. Apparently, she had been seated in the wrong area. When he approached her about the issue she said, “We’ve literally been sitting here all night.”

Another woman that was seated in the same aisle chipped in to say, “No you haven’t. We’ve been sitting here all night.”

As this is all going on, you can hear someone off-camera calling for the woman having the altercation. The man says, “All your friends are over there.”

That’s when she decides to get up from her stadium seat and starts walking up the aisle. Not before she spits right on the man that confronted her, though. The camera follows her as she treks up the stairs as if nothing happened. Just another day in the ballpark.

It’s actually a crime to spit on someone else. It can be ruled as criminal assault in some places. Not to mention the fact that the entire country is still battling COVID-19, as well as the new delta variant. There’s no worse time to spit on someone.

According to the New York Post, Baltimore has recently reinstated the indoor mask mandate. This requires all fans at the game to wear a mask while inside stores or the suites. However, once they are seated outside, they no longer have to wear a facial covering. The Orioles still encourage people to wear a mask if possible, but it is not required. Spitting, however, likely is far from tolerated.

The Baltimore area recorded 134 cases on September 30 alone.

Social Media Reaction

Since the game, social media has been lighting up over the heated confrontation. One person commented on the video saying, “Can someone identify this person? She lost her dignity and some spit at a recent Red Sox game.”

Other people are wondering how the man that got spit on was able to keep his cool. One Twitter user wrote, “This red sox fan decided to spit on this man. This is assault and she should be arrested, she looks like she does this often. Whoever that man is looks like he is holding himself back with all the strength in his soul and I applaud him for not running and knocking her out.”

There is also a Reddit thread full of people discussing the altercation as well. Many people here also agreed it was noble that nothing escalated into something more physical.

One person, however, called attention to the way in which the woman decided to spit on the man. “She had that llama accuracy,” they wrote.