WATCH: Reds OF Jake Fraley Gets Fed Up, Cusses Out Loud-Mouth Phillies Fans

by Dustin Schutte

Jake Fraley wasn’t having it. On Thursday night, the outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds got tired of hearing from Philadelphia Phillies fans and gave them all a piece of his mind. He used a few four-letter words to send the message, too.

At some point in the game at Citizens Bank Park, Fraley had enough of the comments hurled his direction. He went directly to the fence and started yelling at Phillies fans. That includes telling one fan to “shut the f— up!”

Below is the video captured from Thursday night’s MLB incident, via TMZ Sports. Though it’s still unclear what exactly prompted Fraley to confront the fans, he had been heckled throughout the game.

Eventually, Fraley walked away and appears to inform security of the situation. It’s not clear if anyone was ejected for their comments from Thursday night’s contest.

Baseball players typically take a lot of grief from fans, especially in the outfield. Usually, it doesn’t escalate this far. Something must’ve been said that crossed a line to get Fraley so frustrated during Thursday night’s bout.

Nationals Fans Get Tossed for Heckling Willson Contreras

Jake Fraley isn’t the only NL Central player to lose his cool because of some fans recently. Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras got heated at a few Washington Nationals fans.

Though Contreras never revealed what was said during the exchange, he called it “unhealthy” and “not right.” Security then escorted the fans from the premises.

Those two fans earned five-year bans from the ballpark for their questionable commentary during the contest.

Fans have always been pretty vocal at baseball games. The proximity to players — mixed with a little liquid courage — can result in some unsavory comments throughout a nine-inning contest.

Both Fraley and Contreras stood their ground when they believed lines got crossed, though.