Ref Makes Textbook Tackle on Boise State Streaker

by Jonathan Howard

Lord knows I’ve complained about referees in the past. However, this ref at the Boise State game might be the MVP. Nevada visited the famous blue turf of Boise and during the game, a streaker decided to run on the field.

Streakers are a part of live sports, it is amazing how far some of these dudes can get. Sometimes, they break a few ankles. This guy was doing well until this referee got involved.

While others chose to just follow the streaker in his path, the ref knew the angle to take. It is all about angles in the open field, folks. Also, kudos to the ref for getting himself involved. That isn’t really part of his job description. However, he did it anyway.

Shoutout that Boise State player that tried to trip the guy too. Almost had him. The ref and the other guy really let him have it on the tackle. Seriously, that was a rough one. A little whiplash perhaps? Play stupid games, well, you know the rest.

As for the play on the field, this game was interesting. A typical high-scoring Mountain West matchup. These teams were not short on touchdowns. The Nevada Wolf Pack came in and managed to survive the blue turf of Boise, Idaho. This season isn’t going well for the Broncos, but they might turn it around when they play top-15 BYU.

Nevada Takes Down Boise State in Shoot-Out

This game had plenty of offense. When you tune into the Mountain West, you expect a gunfight and that’s what we got when the Wolf Pack took on the Broncos. Boise State is a notoriously tough environment, however, Nevada had no issues today.

As one of the conference’ss better teams, the Wolf Pack expects to beat teams like Boise State now. It speaks to the growth of the program in the last few years. These two teams got together and like cowboys both drew their guns and let it fly.

All was going well in the first half for Boise State. They had scored 14 points in the first quarter and by halftime, they led 21-20. A close game, but one that the Broncos were in charge of. Hank Bachmeier can sling the football and he did for 388 yards and 4 TDs today.

Carson Strong also had a good game. He threw for a TD and 263 yards. For Nevada, it was the rushing duo of Toa Taua and Devonte Lee. Taua had 124 yards on 12 carries and two 3 TDs. Lee put up 24 more yards for a score as well. The two Boise State fumbles and the interception helped the Wolf Pack get the win on the road.