Referee Causes Fumble in Jaguars-Cardinals Game After Hitting Football with Penalty Flag

by John Jamison

If you aren’t watching the Sunday NFL action, you’re missing out on an unforgettable day of football. Not to worry, though. We have you Outsiders covered with the strangest happenings from around the league. Yes. Strange is the only word to describe what happened during what should have been a routine punt in the Jaguars-Cardinals game earlier today.

Today has been a day of firsts in the NFL. The first-ever field goal from 66 yards came off the foot of Baltimore’s Justin Tucker. It was the longest field goal in NFL history, and it came only after the Cardinals attempted a record-breaking kick of their own. How did that work out? Well, the Jaguars returned the field goal attempt for a 109-yard touchdown, the longest possible on an NFL field.

So it’s been an exciting day of football already. But that stuff is nothing compared to a play made by one of the referees in that very same Jags-Cards game. Okay, that’s not exactly true. Tucker’s 66-yard field goal record is probably going to stand for years. It’s more accurate to say that the strangest thing to happen today came as a result of a referee throwing a rogue flag.

Judging by the distance, this particular referee has been working on his flag toss in his spare time. In real-time, it’s almost impossible to see the flag make an impact with the ball. But slow-motion shows that Rondale Moore was not the one to blame for this muffed punt. Take a look for yourself.

See? The ref put that flag on a rope. He probably couldn’t hit the football with it again if he tried. But the flag changes the ball’s trajectory, causing Moore to misjudge it and fail to make the catch.

A Strange Day of NFL Football

Remember when we said this Sunday was one for the books? We weren’t exaggerating. Forget the craziness of the Jaguars-Cardinals game (which the Cardinals went on to win convincingly, despite the flag incident). There must be something in the water because the entire league is seeing strange things happen.

For example, a quick trip to upstate New York for the Washington Football Team and the Buffalo Bills’ showdown would have provided you with this. It was accidentally the longest onside kick of all time. Dustin Hopkins, the kicker himself, took advantage of the wind slowing his ball and ended up recovering his kickoff down at the 20-yard line. We love to see kickers getting involved in special teams action.

If strange occurrences like this aren’t enough, how about the status of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs? No one could have predicted it. But with their loss to the Los Angeles Chargers today, the Chiefs landed themselves in the last place of the AFC West.