WATCH: Referee Goes Into Stands to Confront Marching Band During Air Force-UNLV Game

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Typically, college football officials are way more concerned with what happens on the field rather than what occurs in the stands. Those rules went out the window during Saturday night’s game between Air Force and UNLV, though.

In the third quarter of the game between the Falcons and Rebels, referee Steve Baron climbed into the crowd during a stoppage in play to confront the UNLV band. They had been playing music while Air Force snapped the ball, which is against NCAA rules.

Baron put an end to that, eliminating any sort of advantage it might’ve given UNLV — though that really wasn’t a concern at any point in the game.

How many of you have seen an official actually climb into the stands to address a concern? The number can probably be counted on one hand.

Any musical happenings during the game didn’t seem to slow Air Force’s offense much. The Falcons cruised to a 42-7 win in Las Vegas, improving to 5-2 on the year.

At least UNLV has a cool story to tell, right?

Speaking of the Bizarre in College Football …

Seeing a college football referee climb into the crowd to address the marching band certainly fits the category of “strange,” but it’s probably not the craziest scene from the weekend. That honor goes to SMU.

Friday night, as SMU prepared to take the field against Navy, the Mustangs ran into a bit of a problem. The live pony mascot, which leads the team onto the field, had some … issues before the game. It caused quite a mess on the field of play, which then delayed the start of the game.

That brings an entirely new meaning to home-field advantage. Fortunately, SMU staff cleaned up the mess relatively quickly.

A lot of colleges use a live mascot on gameday. It’s one of the things that makes the sport so unique. But you don’t see these kind of issues pop up very often. Hopefully, this is a rare accident for the pony.