Referee Spotted Eating Skittles During Florida State Game, Because There’s Never a Bad Time for a Snack

by Matthew Memrick

A TV watcher caught one referee eating Skittles on television during the Florida State-Louisville football game, prompting Twitter users to respond on Saturday.

FSU booster @Eberly_M caught the official and asked, “Just out of curiosity. Why is the official eating Skittles between plays?” 

The post had over 1,700 likes at one point.

Social Media Knows Why

Let Twitter users take it from here.

One Twitter user shot back, “He’d probably tell you his blood sugar is low, not thinking that is actually the worst thing for low blood sugar.”

A fan responded to her, saying, “Uh that’s not true. It’s straight sugar.”

You don’t want a referee with low blood sugar during a Florida State game. Many referees officiate the game into their late 60s.

Besides, wouldn’t you want Skittles in your pocket instead of 15 grapes? And who eats raisins anymore? Just kids, right? M&Ms will melt in your pocket, diabetes, and sheer hunger were other suggestions.

Besides, you can’t go without eating with all the physical activity during a Florida State game. You could end up falling as one referee did earlier in September.

Another referee, this time a soccer referee in Germany, was caught eating candy off the field. After fans threw candy on the field in a German Cup quarterfinal between Frankfurt and Mainz, referee Deniz Aytekin picked up a candy and offered it to a player before eating it himself.

Fans had thrown the candy during the 2018 game to mark carnival celebrations. Five-second rule!

And Skittles aren’t just for referees. One Twitter user told readers of a man who ate them on her father’s semipro team.

Referees Run During Florida State Games

According to the Referee website, most fit officials “can easily burn 300-400 calories or more in each game, regardless of the sport.” The article also cites improved brain health and cardiovascular health.

The referee-friendly news website also said another health benefit is a reduction of stress. Maybe not during a Florida State game, but maybe more games. That is, a referee will have less after the game. I guess that depends on how the game referee management and the game’s outcome, right?

The website boasts that “one may even notice a “feel good” sensation as you walk off the field or court immediately after a well-called game.”

Sure, go with that. Maybe the referee will share his candy stash with other referees during the Florida State game.

Classic Skittles Moments

Former NFL running back and Super Bowl star Marshawn Lynch had a love affair with the famous candy snack over the years.

TV cameras caught the former Seattle Seahawk player eating the snack during games. In fact, Lynch became a Skittles pitchman and even suggested a flavor called Sweet Heat.

While parents usually advocate kids not eating sugar on the sidelines, one Penn State study said that it benefited players on the field.

The study said that kids who ate sugar had higher adrenaline levels, consistent with Lynch’s reasoning for consuming such junk food. On the downside, higher insulin levels in children can lead to ADHD and a loss of focus.