Remembering Vin Scully’s Iconic Cameo in Kevin Costner’s ‘For Love of the Game’

by Patrick Norton

When you think of legendary sports films, the niche for a memorable baseball flick might seem small. And while other classics exist, a common denominator among three iconic movies pertaining to America’s pastime is Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner.

Everybody remembers the first time they witnessed the magic of 1989’s Field of Dreams. The mystery of the supernatural corn in Dyersville, Iowa captivated audiences over three decades. The movie’s classic nature and connection with the audience encouraged Major League Baseball’s development of a true stadium on the farm’s grounds. Last year’s Field of Dreams game proved the movie’s tagline, “if you build it, they will come.”

Costner’s temperament an on-screen demeanor alongside co-star Tim Robbins in Bull Durham paved the way for wave of minor league baseball attraction. But a lesser known gem remains a definitive tale of the American Dream.

In For Love of the Game, Costner plays an aging pitcher for the Detroit Tigers named Billy Chapel. The storytelling brings you into the mind of Chapel as he navigates personal issues – and the New York Yankees’ lineup. As the movie progresses, so does the fictional pitcher’s successes.

Lending his iconic voice as the play-by-play broadcaster of the affair is none other than Vin Scully. Scully, who passed away at the age of 94 on Tuesday night, boosts the movie’s credibility, providing a big-game flair. Without the game taking place in a crucial divisional race or World Series stage, Scully’s involvement exemplifies the difference a singular voice can have on just one game.

Mourning the legend’s passing, one fan shared a clip from the movie on Twitter including Vin Scully’s monologue.

Vin Scully’s Unscripted Impact on Baseball

While Scully’s iconic “trying to push the sun back up in the sky, and give us one more day of summer,” line likely comes from the script, it perfectly captures something you could envision the former Los Angeles Dodgers announcer crafting in the booth.

Vin Scully meant far more than calling balls and strikes to the game of baseball and sports in general. As time passed, the stories became greater. Tuning into a broadcast meant comfort, stability and calmness from the booth regardless of the scene below. His diatribes harmless, his skillset untouchable, and his candor deeply missed, Vin Scully is an irreplaceable treasure.

As Vin Scully enjoyed a fruitful retirement tour in 2016, at the team’s final homestand, Costner honored the legend. Costner said, “The game will not lose its way, but it loses a perspective; a singular voice that managed to capture a boy’s game, played by men at the highest level.”

Give yourself the opportunity to soak in as much of the broadcaster as possible. For Love of the Game is available on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock. And tonight (August 3), tune into ESPN’s replay of Game 1 of the 1988 World Series on ESPN2 at 7 PM CST, memorializing Scully’s infamous call of Kirk Gibson’s historic home run.