Report: MLB’s Field of Dreams Game Won’t Return to Dyersville, Iowa in 2023

by Patrick Norton

When the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees visited Dyersville, Iowa for the inaugural Field of Dreams Game, many hoped the tradition would last for a long time. While the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds head to Iowa for this season’s edition, the site’s owner and Hall of Fame legend Frank Thomas delivered bad news on Wednesday.

Due to an upcoming project in the vicinity, MLB won’t return to the stadium in 2023. The new construction includes a youth baseball center, but won’t impact the original field surrounded by corn. On the grounds stands a more traditional looking stadium adjacent to the infamous movie’s setting.

The Des Moines Register’s Tommy Birch spoke to Frank Thomas at the site on Wednesday afternoon. ‘The Big Hurt’ first mentioned the movie’s star, Kevin Costner, would not reprise his cameo from last year’s game. However, he hoped the Yellowstone actor would return the following season.

But when asked if his comments confirmed a 2023 return to the site, Thomas clarified his quote. “It’s a lot going on,” said the 2014 Cooperstown inductee. “They don’t want to come back if the stadium’s not prepared.”

While official confirmation does not exist, the one season hiatus should not prohibit baseball from returning upon completion of the construction. The Field of Dreams Game brings a melting pot of baseball fans and admirers for a truly special event.

As the league attempts to expand its viewership with international games, nothing beats the peaceful atmosphere of watching baseball surrounded by corn.

Field of Dreams Uniforms Bring Forgotten Era Back to Life

If you build it, they will come. And in 2021, fans poured in Dyersville for the event. The game provided a glimpse at baseball’s growing love for eccentricity, but remained traditional with the fashion. The White Sox donned the retro Black Sox jerseys depicted in the movie and worn by Chicago during the 1919 World Series.

This go-around sees the Cubs bringing back the classic bear cub logo with the old ‘C’ surrounding the animal. Meanwhile, the Reds brought back a look used between 1920 until 1938. The word “REDS” sits in the middle of the script ‘C’.

However, I cannot shake the fact that the Nike ‘swoosh’ receives such prominent placement on the throwbacks. While somewhat unnoticed to the naked-eye on today’s uniforms, it sticks out like a sore thumb on a look meant to represent a baseball game from 1920.