Report: Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson Could Make More Than Cardinals’ Kyler Murray With New Contract

by Chris Haney

The Baltimore Ravens and their MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson might finally be coming to terms on a new contract, according to recent reports. Supposedly, the franchise is nearing a deal that could pay the 25-year-old even more than Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray who just signed a five-year, $230.5 million contract. The contract made Murray the second-highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

During the Ravens-Cardinals pregame show on Sunday night, Fox Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer shared an update on the ongoing negotiations. He said that Baltimore has agreed to make Jackson one of the top-earning QBs in the league. However, Glazer added that the Browns recently giving Deshaun Watson a five-year, fully-guaranteed contract could complicate an agreement.

Watson’s deal guarantees him an average of $46 million per year over the next five years. Murray is under contract now for the next seven years after signing the five-year extension. That makes his new-money deal worth an average of $46.1 million per season. But to get Jackson above those numbers, the Ravens would have to sign him to a six-year, $254 million contract. He’s due $23.016 million this season, but his new-money deal would earn him $46.2 million per season.

While speaking during Sunday’s broadcast, Glazer said it would be an “uphill battle” to complete the deal. Glazer pointed to Jackson representing himself without an agent as a major hurdle between the two parties. However, Jackson has also recently stated he wants a new deal before Week 1 of the regular season kicks off. Therefore we could see something happen in the next couple of weeks.

Lamar Jackson Sets Deadline for New Deal with Baltimore Ravens

Two weekends ago, reporters asked Lamar Jackson about any updates on a new deal with his current team. When asked if there’s a deadline for a new contract, Jackson shared that he hopes to have it figured out before the season starts in September.

“Yeah, we coming up to it. It’s coming up. Season’s coming up,” Jackson said, per “We’re going to be good for the season.”

While he seemed optimistic, he also didn’t give a definitive answer on where negotiations stood between himself and the Ravens. A reporter did follow that up when asking if Week 1 was the deadline. Jackson simply replied, “Yeah, for sure.”

Without a deal in place soon, Baltimore risks losing the young and talented quarterback. The former Heisman Trophy winner will be a free agent after the 2022 season in March. Jackson hasn’t shared too many updates this offseason, which has led to further questions about his future in Baltimore. In June, reporters asked for updates on a new deal.

“We’re having a conversation about it,” Jackson said repeatedly after each inquiry.

However, when pressed about if he thinks he’ll spend his entire NFL career in Maryland, the quarterback likely made Ravens fans happy with his answer.

“I expect so. Yes, I do,” Jackson admitted.