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Retired NASCAR Driver Jimmie Johnson Opens Up to Danica Patrick About How ‘Violent’ an Indy Car Can Be

by Robert Davis
(Photo by Chris Trotman/NASCAR via Getty Images)

Retired NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson opened up to Danica Patrick about how “violent” Indy Car racing can be on a recent episode of her podcast, “Pretty Intense.”

“Dragging the bottom of a Cup Car is nothing like dragging the bottom of an IndyCar,” Johnson said. “I mean it literally can, at times, knock the wind out of you. And people tell me ‘oh no it’s normal'”

Named after her 90-day workout program, Patrick’s podcast has been on air since August 2019. She regularly interviews celebrities, athletes, and even a scientist for the show. According to the show’s website on Apple Podcasts, it will “inspire you to go conquer your dreams, both professionally and personally.”

Patrick talked with Johnson about t the transition from IndyCar to NASCAR and NASCAR to IndyCar during the show. They also discussed raising kids during the pandemic and shared a few workout tips and tricks along the way.

Johnson told Patrick that an IndyCar ride are like driving a “beast” of a car.

“I am impressed and am so glad to have this opportunity because I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to drive a high-performance car ever again,” he added. “I mean, these things are beasts.”

Jimmy Shocks NASCAR By Moving to IndyCar

In November 2020, Jimmie Johnson shocked the NASCAR world by announcing he would no longer be a full-time driver. Instead, he was going to devote more time to the IndyCar Series with Chip Ganassi Racing in 2021.

The seven-time champion said the year off because of COVID-19 “cemented” his decision, according to a report by CBS Sports.

“I’m so thankful for 18 incredible years of racing in NASCAR. The sport has been good to me and has allowed me to do something I truly love,” Johnson said in his retirement announcement.

Since moving to Ganassi Racing, the group has become a win-collecting machine. According to a report by The Detroit News, Ganassi Racing has several drivers in the hunt to win another IndyCar championship.

Ganassi Racing and Team Penske have also been forging a rivalry over the past decade. Each team has taken home four of the last eight IndyCup titles.

“Pretty Intense”

Patrick describes her podcast as “intense therapy” for those who don’t often get asked tough questions.

“Sometimes people haven’t necessarily been asked a certain question or maybe someone hasn’t thought a certain way or even challenge themselves,” she says in the podcast’s description. “And I feel like for me: I got that therapy through interviews.”

New episodes air weekly on Thursdays.