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Rex Ryan Absolutely Obliterates the Colts, Matt Ryan Over ‘Atrocious’ Loss to Vikings in Viral Rant

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Rex Ryan didn’t hold back one bit when talking about the Indianapolis Colts’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday. The ESPN analyst ripped former colleague Jeff Saturday, quarterback Matt Ryan and the rest of the team in a rant that went viral on Sunday.

The Colts blew a 33-0 halftime lead to the Vikings on Saturday, the largest comeback in NFL history. Minnesota forced overtime and won on the final play of the game — a 40-yard field goal from Greg Joseph to make the final 39-36 in favor of the Vikings.

Sunday, Rex Ryan didn’t hold back in his criticism of Indianapolis’ performance.

“Epic fail by the Colts right here,” Ryan said. “A team that gave up in the fourth quarter the game before against the Dallas Cowboys. And now you’ve got this performance right here. Don’t sit back and say, ‘That could happen to anybody.’ No it can’t. It’s impossible. It’s never happened in the history of the game.

“How about we have some idea how to close a game out? This was absolutely an embarrassment for this franchise, and they’ve had some bad moments this year, but this is absolutely atrocious.”

Rex Ryan didn’t stop there. He then went in on Saturday and Matt Ryan. The former Jets head coach ripped a 4th-and-short play-call in which the Colts could’ve kicked a field goal and essentially ended the game.

“Why are we giving a quarterback, who’s 100 years old and squats about 100 pounds, that’s the best you’ve got? On 4th-and-inches? That’s a horrendous play-call. And I get it, this is one of our colleagues — but it’s terrible. I’m supposed to sit up here and make up the fact that this guy has no NFL coaching experience? It showed up in a big way in this game.”

NFL Fans Rip Matt Ryan, Jeff Saturday for Epic Collapse

Rex Ryan wasn’t the only one to rip the Colts for blowing a 33-0 lead on Saturday. NFL fans across social media had plenty to say about the collapse.

“Jeff Saturday officially regrets taking the Colts job,” wrote Jason Whitlock. “He’s never going to live this down.”

“Jeff Saturday get ready to go back to high school football,” one NFL fan wrote. Another chimed in, “Lmao Jeff Saturday blew a 33-0 lead. I guess that’s why you don’t hire people straight out of ESPN with no coaching experience.”

ESPN’s SportsCenter revealed a pretty ugly statistic when it comes to Matt Ryan.

“Matt Ryan has now been on the losing end of both the largest comeback in Super Bowl history and the largest comeback in NFL history,” SportsCenter put on Twitter.

The Vikings deserve a lot of credit for not throwing in the towel on Saturday. But, for the most part, most of the attention has been focused on the Colts’ collapse.