RGIII Speaks out About Brett Favre Mississippi Welfare Scandal

by Samantha Whidden

Weeks after the news broke about Brett Favre’s Mississippi welfare scandal, former NFL star RGIII is ready to share his true thoughts about the situation. 

As previously reported, Brett Favre is being investigated by the FBI in connection with the Mississippi welfare fraud case. Former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant allegedly gave the NFL legend $1.1 million in 2017 and 2018 for motivational speeches.

However, the funds given to Brett Favre reportedly came from the state’s federal welfare funding, which is meant for needy families. Another kicker to this is that Favre never actually gave the speeches. The Mississippi state auditor is now demanding the money back from Favre with interest. 

Brett Favre did tweet that he would never accept money for no-show appearances. “I am doing all that I can to support this investigation to make things right for the people of Mississippi,” he wrote in 2021. “And I have shared all that I know.” 

Although Favre has repaid most of the fees, he has not given more than $228,000 in interest. The former NFL star’s lawyer stated that his client never understood the money he was paid nor did he understands that the funds were to help poor people. Despite this, Favre is not facing any criminal charges. 

Not holding back about his thoughts on the subject RGIII took to Twitter and wrote, “If you are more upset about Ime Udoka and the Celtics situation than Brett Favre STEALING MILLIONS IN WELFARE MONEY FROM THE POOREST PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY IN MISSISSIPPI then you are part of the problem.” 

The situation that RGIII is comparing Brett Favre to is about the Boston Celtics head coach having an intimate relationship with a female Celtics staff member. Udoka has reportedly been suspended for the 2022-2023 NBA season.

Twitter Followers React to RGIII’s Comments About Brett Favre 

Meanwhile, Twitter is blowing up about RGIII’s comments about Brett Favre and the situation with the Boston Celtics head coach. 

“Steal?!” One Twitter user wrote. “That’s an absurd description of what happened, especially from a media personality. Favre really ought to sue you.” 

Another Twitter user also tweeted, “If you are comparing two completely different incidents because one person is white and the other is black, you are part of the race problem in America. Be better RG3. Both were in the wrong.”

As more Twitter users respond to the tweet, a user stated that no one thinks what Brett Favre did was right and that the incident should be in limelight. “The Udoka stuff is eh to me,” they wrote. “It’s a hot topic because [Celtics] went to finales and his girl is a celebrity. No one (black or white) really cares. So don’t make it about race. Favre’s actions look ugly to everyone.”