Ric Flair Breaks Silence After Being Dropped by WWE

by Thad Mitchell

The WWE continues purging its roster of pricey talent as Ric Flair is the latest casualty of what the organization is calling “Budget Cuts.”

This move by the WWE is no ordinary penny-pinching tactic though as Flair is one of the biggest names to step in the ring. He ranks up there with Hulk Hogan and The Rock as one of the most important figures in making wrestling what it is today. Flair is already in the WWE Hall of Fame and is one of the most recognizable names in the sport. He and Hogan defined a generation of professional wrestling and had some epic battles inside the ring. Outside the ring, both men were equally competitive but had a healthy respect for each other. Ric Flair, whose real name is Richard Morgan Fliehr, is also affectionately known as “The Nature Boy” by wrestling fans. He competed in different organizations throughout his decades-long career. He is mostly known for his time in the WWE and WCW.

Ric Flair is one of several big names that have been released by the WWE in recent months. He joins Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman as stars that received their walking papers recently. Flair has not wrestled in a match in a while but was a valuable commodity with a microphone in his hand. In his prime, he was the top heel, or bad guy, in the wrestling industry and could work the crowd like no other. Now at the age of 72, the Memphis, Tennessee native finds himself without a job. His real-life daughter, Charlotte Flair, has also made a name for herself with her in-ring work.

WWE’s Ric Flair Releases Statement on Release

After learning of his release, Ric Flair issued a brief statement, thanking the WWE for their work. He seems to have no ill will toward the organization, even after his release. He says he requested his release from the company due to differing opinions on his future roles with WWE.

“They (WWE) solely are responsible for putting me in the position of life that I’m in right now, where I’m seen in the brightest light ever,” he says. “We have a different vision for my future. I wish them nothing but continued success! Thank you for everything! Nothing but respect!”

Since breaking into the industry, Ric Flair has mostly been billed as a heel in his time. His character is that of a flamboyant, arrogant playboy that will do anything to get a win over his opponent. He’s one of the most decorated wrestlers of all time, having won the WWE championship on 16 different occasions. His time with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) was just as profitable.

Ric Flair says he will look for other opportunities in the wrestling world and isn’t ready to walk away just yet. It goes without saying that the WWE just parted with one of its greatest ever stars.