‘Ric Flair’s Daughter, WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair Announces Positive Test

by Will Shepard

Wooo! … Well, not at all. Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte Flair, has reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus and has been quarantining at home. In a tweet to her fans on Monday, March 22, she shared the tough news.

Charlotte Flair has been relatively quiet recently, which can now be explained as a result of getting COVID. March 21 was the WWE Fastlane event in St. Petersburg, Florida. The event, for those who watched, was awesome. But, Charlotte Flair was noticeably absent from the lineup. Some fans were certainly expecting her to make an appearance but left empty-handed.

Nonetheless, the WWE superstar gives a relatively cryptic note for her fans. While she explains that she does have the virus, she doesn’t share how she is doing.

Undoubtedly, Everyone in the WWE community is wishing for her healthy return to the ring. Charlotte Flair is a massive part of the women’s side of the sport and is sorely missed right now.

WrestleMania isn’t until April 10-11. Hopefully, Charlotte Flair will have quarantined and be completely healthy for that event. So, with that, have a look for yourself and see if you can read into her words.

Charlotte Flair Has Covid-19, and Thanks Her Fans for Their Support

Charlotte Flair has been noticeably absent from the WWE for a while now. The 10-time women’s champion has not been in the wrestling ring since March 1. That last appearance was for WWE Raw when she beat Shayna Baszler.

The following week, Charlotte Flair expressed her desire to challenge the current women’s champion, Asuka, at WrestleMania 37. After that, it has been radio silence from the WWE superstar.

While she was absent from the world, there was a lot of speculation happening. One thing that was muddying the waters for people was that her fiancé, Andrade, was just released from the WWE.

The WWE is notorious for being hard to break into and even harder to leave. So, it comes as no surprise that people were worrying about whether or not she was wanting to leave. Or if she was falling out of favor with the head honchos.

Regardless of the speculation, it turns out the reason was the virus. Again, hopefully, she makes a full and speedy recovery and is ready to wrestle again soon.