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Rob Gronkowski Defends Tom Brady’s Triumphant Trophy Toss

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/ Getty Images)

Rob Gronkowski defends his good friend and quarterback Tom Brady for his drunken shenanigans, which include throwing the Super Bowl trophy.

We get it. Sometimes you get a little too drunk and get rowdy, but never have we thought that throwing the Vince Lombardi trophy was a good idea. However, we don’t have even a fraction of the athletic ability that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have, drunk or not.

Furthermore, Brady didn’t even throw the trophy to Gronk. He threw it to the backup tight end. Regardless, the athleticism statement still stands, but maybe that fraction is a little less though.

So the argument really goes both ways.

Rob Gronkowski Says Tom Brady Was Justified

Regardless, Rob Gronkowski defends his friend, saying that is the proper way to celebrate a Super Bowl win. Gronk explains that Brady is a Super Bowl Champion veteran that has won the trophy so many times, it wasn’t as big of a deal, so he wanted to share the wealth.

“That is how you celebrate a Super Bowl because he has celebrated six other times, so like, you’ve got to step it up a little bit when you’re at a parade. And this was a boat parade, and he wanted all his teammates because he is a good team player. He wants all his teammates involved, and he’s held that trophy many times, so he’s like, ‘man, I want my teammates to hold the trophy that have never held it before, so that is why he tossed it to Cam.”

Big Day for Cameron Brate

Cam refers to Cameron Brate, the 6’5″ tight end from Harvard.

He initially went undrafted in 2014, but the Buccaneers signed a three-year contract with Brate and another six-year contract in 2018. In the 2020 season, Cam Brate appeared in 16 games and had 28 receptions. He had never won a Super Bowl prior to this year.

On the other hand, this win makes Rob Gronkowski’s Super Bowl total to four.

“Because he looked at me, and he said, ‘Rob’s held it many times too.’ So, he threw it to Cam, and Cam made that amazing catch.”

To keep things interesting, Rob Gronkowski states that Tom Brady has to go bigger than ever before.

“Then he was like ‘man, I don’t ever really drink, but guess what? I’ve got to get wasted because this is just getting just too plain and simple, these parades. So let me get buzzed a little bit, and then the parade will be even cooler then because I’ve been to so many.’ So, he got a little wasted then too.”

‘Tom, Man, You’re Partying Too Much’

The massive NFL player hilariously notes that Tom Brady actually didn’t say any of this, but he “could just tell.”

“What a celebration, and that’s just the explanation and just the true facts right there. I mean, I didn’t ask him anything like that, but I can just tell that’s definitely the reasoning.”

In fact, Rob Gronkowski said that Tom Brady didn’t party enough. The 6’6″ tight end gives a rundown of how he wishes things would have played out for Brady.

“He should have been more wasted, actually. I wish he got carried to the hospital and got some IV’s in him. I’m talking total survival mode, but just a little too carried away. I could have been like, ‘Tom, man, you’re partying too much. You’ve gotta stop.’ Like he used to do to me back in the day.”