Rob Gronkowski Drops Fiery Streaker Diss on Chiefs After Super Bowl

by Thad Mitchell

The Super Bowl is over and done but Rob Gronkowski and his teammates won’t be done celebrating for quite a while.

Winning a National Football league championship is a big deal and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the right to celebrate. The Bucs handled the Kansas City Chiefs with ease, handing them a 31-9 beatdown to claim the Super Bowl title.

Gronkowski was instrumental in Tampa Bay’s victory over the Chiefs, hauling in two touchdown receptions. The big tight end is a longtime favorite target of Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and the pair were in step during the game. Gronk caught six passes total from Brady in the Super Bowl, totaling 67 yards. Brady was on fire during the game, connecting on 70 percent of his passes and tossing three touchdowns.

It was the quarterback’s tenth appearance in the big game, netting him his seventh NFL championship ring. He took home the game’s Most Valuable Player award for his efforts.

Joining James Corden on “The Late Late Show,” Gronkowski speaks about the Super Bowl and his intentions to keep playing.

While speaking on a variety of subjects, including his life outside the game, Gronk drops major shade on the Chiefs.

Rob Gronkowski Uses Streaker to ‘Burn’ Chiefs

As the subject shifts toward the big win in the interview, it was inevitable the conversation would include the infamous streaker. Gronk says the Tampa Bay sideline got a big kick out of seeing a man run across the field in a thong. He then suggests perhaps the Chiefs should look into the situation and if the man might have an interest in playing. It’s an epic burn from Gronkowski — and we’ve come to expect nothing less from the big guy.

“He actually scored,” he says of the streaker reaching the endzone. “The Chiefs didn’t. He scored. They should definitely sign him.”

Sick burn, Gronk!

The Chiefs did manage to put up nine points on the board. However, the offense was held without a touchdown all night. It is a major credit to the Bucs’ defense which is often overlooked with the greatest player of all time on the other side of the ball.

Gronkowski and his Bucs teammates now enter the offseason as world champions. They should have plenty of motivation to reach the big game again — and so should the Chiefs.