Rob Gronkowski on Tom Brady’s First Season in Tampa Bay: ‘One of the Greatest Accomplishments in Sports History’

by Will Shepard

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady are heading to Disney World. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are certainly going to keep the party alive as long as they can.

The two set a record last night (Feb. 7) for the most touchdowns between a quarterback and receiver in postseason history. Rob Grownkowski caught his thirteenth and fourteenth touchdowns during the game. This kind of success over the tight end’s career will certainly earn him a trip to the Hall of Fame. It also means that he will go down as perhaps the greatest tight end to ever play.

After the game, Rob Gronkowski spoke about the success of his only quarterback, Tom Brady. During his interviews, he said that Tom Brady getting a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay is “one of the greatest accomplishments in sports history.”

This is not a statement to take lightly. But, it seems that Rob Gronkowski might be absolutely correct in his assessment of Brady’s season.

Rob Gronkowski Says Tom Brady’s Season Is Greatest Accomplishment in Sports

During last year’s offseason, Tom Brady chose to leave the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He set out to prove that his success in New England was not just because of Bill Belichick. He wanted to show the world that he was more than capable of winning a Super Bowl with Belichick’s help.

Well, flash forward to February 7 and Tom Brady is standing on the podium at Super Bowl LV hoisting yet another Vince Lombardi trophy. There are seemingly always whispers that Tom Brady would not be anything without Bill Belichick. Rob Gronkowski certainly won’t stand for that kind of talk anymore.

There was conversation about paying a 43-year-old $30 million dollars and how it won’t work out. But, Tom Brady, without a doubt, proved everyone wrong this year. Rob Gronkowksi for one, believes that this season’s performance will go down as the greatest event in the history of sports.

No one will ever be able to take away Brady’s seven rings, or Rob Gronkowski’s four rings for that matter. Nonetheless, the two will be partying for the next while until next season when they try and win it all again.