Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend, Camille Kostek, Believes Tight End Could ‘Come Back Again’

by Patrick Norton

It’s almost reaching romantic comedy levels of “will they, won’t they” between Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady. Both players retired from the NFL this offseason. However, the 44-year-old quarterback reversed course after just one month away from the game. But Gronkowski is sticking to his guns, recently affirming his commitment to stepping away permanently.

But in speaking with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Gronkowski’s girlfriend of seven years believes we haven’t seen the last of the tight end. Camille Kostek says, “I am an honest lady, and honestly, in my heart, I didn’t feel like this one is a forever one. So, I think maybe he’ll come back again. I feel like him and Tom are just having fun like, ‘Retired, not retired, retired, not retired.'”

As chatter picks up surrounding an unretirement, it appears Gronkowski and Kostek sit on opposite sides of the fence. It seems on a weekly basis, the 11-year pro feels a need to reaffirm his status. Starting 28 games, winning another Super Bowl and adding 13 touchdowns required Gronk’s first mind change.

What Could Convince Rob Gronkowski to Take One More Ride for Glory?

According to Gronkowski, the answer is truly nothing. Even a call from Tom Brady supposedly wouldn’t end with the tight end suiting up. Gronkowski says, “I would answer, obviously, the greatest quarterback of all time. Ask him how he’s doing. Tell him I’m doing good. But I wouldn’t go back to football – no.”

Even Gronkowski’s agent Drew Rosenhaus needs more convincing before saying Gronkowski is officially out. Perhaps the tight end’s lack of commitment to calling it quits in 2019 tends to upset his credibility. However, with Gronkowski’s agent and girlfriend both on the side of needing more convincing, it seems we should prepare ourselves for No. 87 to appear on the sidelines in Tampa before the clock strikes midnight on the new year.