Rocky Stopped: Tennessee Bans 25 People from Football Games for Throwing Trash During Ole Miss

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

In the aftermath of the wild scene at Neyland Stadium a couple of weeks ago, 25 people have been banned from Tennessee games. 25 people will no longer be able to attend games for throwing trash.

When the incident happened, it was hard to believe. In a tight game with a top-12 Ole Miss squad, Tennessee fans got fed up. Boos rained down on the field and then the garbage started to rain down as well. Cups, drinks, food, mustard, a golf ball, and more were thrown. Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin was the main target.

Of those 25 people banned from games, 16 were students. 9 of those were other fans. The ban will be in effect for the rest of the season. Following the incident, the SEC fined the University of Tennessee $250,000. That is the same fine teams get for storming a field after a win in celebrations. The scene was wild as trash littered the field.

At one point, there was doubt the game would be able to conclude. However, things did come to an end, and regulation was played. However, Volunteers fans weren’t much happier after the game either. They ended up losing to the Rebels. Now, with a fine to the school and these fans barred, there has been some recompense for these actions. However, Athletic Director Danny White says more could be on the way.

Those changes and plans include preventing students from having guest tickets. There is going to be an increase in law enforcement at the stadium as well as removing bottle caps from concession stands. Also in the works, a new seating process and upgraded cameras.

Tennessee Volunteers Having A Middling Season

Tennessee has not had a great season. There has been an attempt over the last few years to get the ship steered in the right direction. Early in the season, the Vols played rough and a little sloppy. While they have started to find their identity, they have missed opportunities.

If there are two games that Vols fans wish they could have back, it has to be the Pittsburgh game and the Ole Miss game. The latter is self-explanatory enough. However, that Pitt game is going to haunt this team if they are somehow unable to pick up two more wins this season. At 4-4, this football team is fighting for bowl eligibility.

They just got beat by Alabama last week 52-24. With a meeting at No.12 Kentucky next week after a bye, Tennessee should be primed and ready. They are a sneaky good .500 team, seriously. After that game, they face No.1 Georgia. Finally, the season ends with games at home against South Alabama and Vanderbilt. If nothing else those two games should be won and get the Volunteers to that six-win mark.