Ronda Rousey Shares Heartfelt Video of Her Late Dog Mochi: ‘Best Road Dog Ever’

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

American wrestler Ronda Rousey posts weekly updates to her Instagram to honor her late dog, Mochi. The pup passed away from cancer last month right after the Fourth of July.

Rousey, like any proud pet owner, was devastated by the passing of her sweet pup. Shortly after she let her followers know about Mochi’s passing, friends and family started sending in pictures and videos of the wrestler’s dog.

This inspired her to start a weekly ritual called #MochiMonday. Nearly every Monday for the last two months, Ronda Rousey’s posted a throwback photo or video of her adorable dog on Instagram. Yesterday, the wrestler shared a black-and-white video of Mochi slurping from a water bottle. In her caption, Rousey discusses a difficult time she and Mochi went through together.

“Before I could afford to rent a place with a yard, Mochi would come with me to my training sessions all over LA,” Rousey starts by saying. “I felt bad cause we’d basically just sit in traffic together then she’d have to hang out and wait for me to finish before going right back home -nonetheless she was always excited to get in the car to come with me.”

Ronda Rousey finishes the message with, “She was the best road dog ever and unofficial mascot of every gym we went to – thank you @abletowill for this oldie goodie.”

Posting these homages to Mochi seems to be helping Ronda Rousey process her loss and move forward. While she’ll never forget the adorable pup, reminding herself every week what this dog meant to her means Mochi will cement her place in Rousey’s heart.

Ronda Rousey Reflects On Life She Went Through With Late Dog, Mochi

Earlier this month, Ronda Rousey shared another #MochiMonday post with fans. In this post, she shared a surprisingly personal fact about her life with the pup.

In the post’s picture, we see an adorable Mochi glancing longingly at Rousey’s empty bowl. That bowl holds a lot of weight for both the wrestler and dog.

“When me and Mochi baby were super broke I’d let her lick every bowl and plate clean so we wouldn’t waste anything,” Rousey revealed. “Besides I couldn’t afford treats for her and this was the best I could do- That and our only sink was the bathroom sink which couldn’t handle even the tiniest bit of food in the drain.”

Rousey concludes, “But even as the food budget loosened she was still always ready to do her part and lick every dish clean.”

The bittersweet memory reminds fans that Ronda Rousey went through ups and downs just like anyone else. And at the time, at least she had a sweet friend to help her through everything.