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Ronda Rousey Shows Off One of Her ‘Favorite Girls’ in New Video From Her Farm

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Ronda Rousey is probably best known for breaking things — like people’s arms or noses — in the octagon. But these days she’s spending her time healing animals on her and her husband, Travis Browne’s, farm.

In a recent Instagram video, Rousey introduces fans to one of her “favorite girls,” an injured chicken named Fearow that was in desperate need of some TLC.

“This little chick got a rough start, but quickly became one of our favorite girls,” she wrote on the video. “This is how our honorary duck got her rough start at the bottom of the pecking order before basically joining the duck flock thanks to the acceptance of her old friends — our Peking ducks Lefty and Righty. Follow @browseyacres for more animals updates from our little farm.”

In the video, Rousey tends to Fearow after some of the others on the farm attacked her. The chickens had pecked Fearow’s eye and damaged her face. The 9-1-1 star finds the poor, wounded bird standing still, seemingly dazed and looking similar to some of Rousey’s former opponents.

“It’s called a pecking order for a reason,” she said, picking up Fearow. “They just bully each other.”

“Aviary politics are an ongoing … thing,” she laughed.

She and her husband had already installed a large cage inside their chicken enclosure that they jokingly call the “Chicken ICU“. She put Fearow into the cage so it could heal. Within a day, the bird was on the mend and able to return to the larger enclosure with the others.

Ronda Rousey Loves the Simple Life on the Farm

Since retiring from the UFC, Ronda Rousey has stayed busy. She’s a wrestler for the WWE and acts in shows like 9-1-1. But she seems to love the life she’s built with her husband and their kids on their ranch in Riverside, California.

Known as Browsey Acres, the couple is working to make it 100 percent sustainable. Her Instagram isn’t full of pictures from red-carpet events or lavish vacations. It’s photos of her snuggling up with her cows or sitting with her goats. It seems like such a massive change from her days as an Olympic judo champion and MMA title belt holder. But she seems incredibly happy with her new life.

Though, she admits, that there are tough moments trying to live a 100-percent sustainable life.

“We’re really against industrial farming,” Rousey told MMA Junkie. “We just want to be able to respect the animals. This is the way that we found to do it. When we first harvested (a cow) … we were balling our eyes out. All of our family had taken care of him over that year.”

And it doesn’t get easier, she said, as she tends to get attached to the animals very quickly.

“I love animals, and I do not like killing them,” Browne said. “I love the hunt, I hate killing them, I get emotional because I love this (cow). I’m going to have to shoot him, but I need to eat meat.”