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Ronda Rousey Wishes Husband Travis Browne Happy Father’s Day With Sweet Family Video: ‘You’re Our Home’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)

For the heavyweight mixed martial artist, Travis Browne, it’s not often that his fans see his softer side. However, when it comes to his two sons, Browne is as soft as can be.

In celebration of Father’s Day, Browne’s wife, Ronda Rousey posted a video of the father with his youngest son, Keawe, in a classic dad moment. While seated in a restaurant booth, Browne’s son tickles his father underneath his chin. The MMA fighter pretends to be sleeping and snores for effect. Just as Keawe thinks he’s truly put his father to sleep, Browne jokingly chomps at the air in front of his son’s hand, and they both giggle.

Rousey added a caption to the short clip that reads “Happy Fathers Day to the daddest dad on the planet the man who made me a mother and teaches me every day how to find yourself through putting family first instead losing yourself in your role. You’re such an example to us all of how to be a strong, soft, loving leader. You’re our Home. You make this family a family and you make me the happiest woman/mother/wife on earth every second of every day. I Love You Travis Browne.”

Travis Browne’s Journey to Happiness

Before meeting Ronda Rousey, Travis had two previous wives. One of which was Erin, with whom Browne had his two sons. However, according to Yahoo Sports, the couple was unhappy far too often, and Browne didn’t want to fake his happiness in front of his children–although he did briefly consider it.

Browne recalled some of the relationship advice he received from others.

“People would try to be helpful and they’d say, ‘Oh, stick it out.’ But I’ve also heard from kids whose parents divorced after they turned 18,” Browne shared. “And they said, ‘You know, our entire childhood was a lie. They didn’t love each other and tried to stick around for us to have a better life.’ I didn’t want that. I wanted my kids to see their mother absolutely happy, living the life she wanted, not stuck with someone she didn’t want to be with. She needed to be with someone who treated her right, and it got to the point I wasn’t treating her the way she needed to be treated.”

The Kids Come First

Erin and Browne finalized their divorce in 2009 after eight years of marriage. But this didn’t mean the two parents had a messy relationship afterward. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Though no longer in love, the parents realized that they had an eternal connection through their children. As a result, they agreed to strive for a healthy relationship with each other for the sake of their sons.

“I think it’s important for the kids to spend quality time with their parents, and to see their parents happy and loving life, even if it so happens that they live apart,” Browne said. “That’s a lot better than having them stay together and be miserable. That can be a toxic situation for the kids, and I didn’t want to expose them to that.”

Now married to professional wrestler and retired MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, Browne as well as his kids are still happy and healthy.