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Rookie QB Brock Purdy Dazzles NFL Fans as 49ers Clinch Playoff Spot

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Another week and another performance from Brock Purdy that defies logic. This time, he helped the 49ers clinch the NFC West. Fans are in disbelief as he followed up on his great performance against Tom Brady and the Bucs with another against the Seattle Seahawks.

You really just don’t see this happen at all. The NFL is full of quarterbacks that compete in one of the most highly competitive positions in sports. There isn’t a lot of daylight between QBs, especially backups. Brock Purdy has come in as a rookie, as a backup, and he was drafted last in the 2022 NFL Draft.

It is clear that Christian McCaffrey has bolstered this offense. How far can the best team in the NFC West go?

Purdy went 17/26 for 217 yards and two touchdowns. Throw in the fact that McCaffrey put up 108 yards on 26 carries, and it is no wonder that this game went to the Niners. When you’re on, you’re on, and there wasn’t much to stop this San Francisco offense.

NFL Fans Blown Away By Brock Purdy

One thing that stinks about Brock Purdy having such a great game, is that Geno Smith’s game is overshadowed. The fact that he’s led the Seahawks to a 7-7 record is amazing. However, he and his team walked into a team that is firing on all cylinders lately.

Is Purdy the new QB1?

“49ers looks better with Brock Purdy than with Jimmy G. If he keeps this up this should be his team from now on,” a viewer noted on Twitter.

When you think about Rookie of the Year and Coach of the Year, the Niners might have both. It is at least an argument worth listening to. Especially if you ask 49ers fans.

“Brock Prudy has to be in the ROTY discussion if this team keeps winning games,” someone said. “Kyle Shanahan is Coach of the Year without a doubt.”

If you think that Purdy isn’t taking it all in, think again. He’s clearly enjoying every second of it. No one can rain on his shine right now. With two great games in the books, Purdy probably feels like he’s on top of the world. He’s gotta be be feeling himself.

“Brock Purdy walked out of that stadium like he was Alex Ovechkin and I love it for him,” another fan said.

This has been a wild two weeks for San Francisco. With Purdy leading the ship, things have been going well for the team. There’s a lot more football to be played though. Is this what we can expect from Purdy?