Roy Williams, Legendary North Carolina Basketball Coach, Announces Retirement

by Madison Miller

Today isn’t really the best day to make any kind of major announcement.

On April 1 (April Fool’s Day) Roy Williams appears serious in his retirement announcement. Williams is retiring from his position as head coach for the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball team. Many social media users are hoping the information is instead an elaborate prank.

Williams is an iconic figure in college basketball and fans are reluctant to say goodbye to the legend. He is currently 70 and has served 33 seasons coaching for both UNC and Kansas. He went to school in North Carolina as well.

Roy Williams and his wife, Wanda, have a son named Scott who also went to UNC and played as point guard for the team in the late ’90s. He wrote an autobiography called “Hard Work: A Life On and Off the Court” in 2009. It talks about his career coaching, leaving Kansas, and the lows and highs of his childhood.

Today, Twitter is flooded with Williams and his legacy on the sport. He even had a legacy in meme-form with a viral video. In the video, he enters the locker room with an unbridled grin and begins hopping up and down to get the whole team hype.

Williams has been the coach of the Tar Heels since 2003 when he replaced Matt Doherty. During his career, he has helped lead the team to three national championships. He has earned two ACC Coach of the Year awards and one AP National Coach of the Year award.

Roy Williams Legacy as a Coach

Before he was a college basketball coach, Williams’ first job was in 1973 as a high school basketball and golf coach for Charles D. Owen High School.

Now, Roy Williams has a total of 903 wins under his belt with the North Carolina and Kansas teams. He is the third in all-time wins by Division I head coaches. He is also the only coach to win over 400 games with two different schools during his career.

According to Sports Illustrated, Williams and UNC went 18-11 in the final season of his career. The team lost in the first round against Wisconsin in the NCAA tournament. This is the first time he has lost the first round of the tournament with a team.

Although it’s not the best way to leave the sport, Williams has certainly left enough of a legacy in college basketball.

Many UNC, or college fans in general, are hoping to wake up with a “just kidding” tomorrow morning.