Rudy Gobert Claims There’s ‘No Beef’ with Shaq After NBA Legend Roasts Him

by Suzanne Halliburton

Rudy Gobert surely was perplexed. Why was Shaquille O’Neal randomly trolling him on Instagram this New Year holiday weekend?

Gobert is the all-star center for the Utah Jazz. O’Neal is the NBA analyst and Hall of Famer. He’s so famous, most every NBA fan calls him by his nickname. There’s no need for O’Neal. Everybody knows him as Shaq.

So there was Shaq posting on Instagram a doctored photo of himself dunking on Gobert. Shaq hasn’t played since 2011. Gobert, who grew up north of Paris and is known as the “Stifle Tower,” didn’t even join the NBA until 2013.

Shaq captioned the photo: “I would had 45 pts 16 rebound ten missed free throws in three quarters. He woulda had 11 pts four rebounds and fouled out in 3 quarters. I’m a G.”

OK, Shaq, no one is threatening you being a legend. Your spot in NBA lore is safe.

Rudy Gobert Plays Down Recent Post from Shaq

So how did Gobert respond? He decided not to escalate. Gobert replied “Guess we’ll never know.” He added some laughter emojis.

He then posted on his Twitter: “There is no beef. If people wanna keep speaking negatively about me or keep discrediting what i do it’s on them and all that does is show who they are. I will always be happy for a brother beating the odds. And i’m gonna keep beating the odds.”

Maybe Shaq is a tad green over Gobert’s money. Five days before Christmas, Gobert agreed to a five-year extension with the Jazz worth $205 million. The extension effectively made Gobert’s contract the third highest in NBA history. And it also was the biggest ever signed by a pro center.

Shaq likes to say he was the most dominant. He’s got a good argument to make about that. Shaq certainly was one of the most intimidating.