Russell Wilson Fires Back at Eli Manning Over ‘ManningCast’ Comments

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

Russell Wilson had just won a game as a Denver Bronco. So with a victory in your pocket, it’s a lot easier to shrug off an insult from the likes of Eli Manning.

If you watch the ManningCast, you know that brothers Peyton and Eli watch the Monday Night Football game and provide their own brand of color commentary. It’s inside football brilliance. But the Manning bros, who both have won Super Bowls, also like to joke around.

And any quarterback probably would cringe at a game in which the punters are the stars. Old defensive guys like those contests. But the ex players who threw for a living hate to see it. So cue the jokes about Russell Wilson, the newly acquired quarterback from the Seattle Seahawks who signed a monster contract.

Eli Manning cracked that the Broncos should have given the huge contract to punter Corliss Waitman. He kicked 10 times for an average of 47.6 yards per punt. He allowed Denver to survive an ugly, 11-10 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Reporters who cover the Broncos asked Russell Wilson about the Manning dig during his weekly press conference.

“You talking about Chad Powers?” Wilson asked. “I’m 3-0 against Chad Powers. Listen, it’s just part of the game. Those guys have fun and everything else. I have a lot of respect for Peyton and Eli. I’ve always looked up to those guys, so I’m not stressed about it.” 

Russell Wilson Beat Eli Manning, Not His Alter Ego, Three Times

Now, you’ve got to know more about Eli Manning to understand the Russell Wilson joke. Eli recently went football undercover, taking the name Chad Powers as he pretended to be a 26-year-old trying to walk on as a quarterback at Penn State. Manning’s tryout video as Chad Powers went viral. He put on a shaggy wig and goofy mustache to conceal his identity, but you can’t disguise the Manning right arm.

The former New York Giants QB told the Penn State assistants he was home schooled and coached by his mother. And through workouts, Chad Powers would have a running dialogue with himself.

“Fast Chad,” he’d say. “Think fast, run fast.” So this is who Russell Wilson beat three times.

And because Chad Powers became such a popular figure, Omaha Productions (Peyton’s company) applied for two trademarks. The company wants to sell Chad Powers merch. Yes, they thought fast.

Meanwhile, Russell Wilson and the Broncos travel to Las Vegas for a game against the Raiders. Maybe in this game, the new Bronco QB can be the star, rather than the punter.