WATCH: Russell Wilson Makes Young Fan’s 7th Birthday One He’ll Never Forget

by Dustin Schutte

Every now and then, we get reminded of why sports matter so much in our world. On Saturday, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson provided us all with one of those moments.

With NFL training camp finally underway, Broncos fans made their way out to practice this weekend to see the team in action. One young fan in particular, Noah, was celebrating a special occasion while at the practice facility — his seventh birthday.

As he trotted off the field, Wilson saw Noah’s sign and made the day even more special. The Super Bowl-winning quarterback provided the young fan with an autographed football, signed his helmet and posed for pictures.

You can tell that Wilson made Noah’s birthday one he’ll never forget.

Sometimes, we can get caught up in taking sports way too seriously. Wilson’s actions over the weekend are a gentle reminder that moments like this are reasons why we love football.

And he’s not the only one doing it, either.

Justin Fields Meets His No. 1 Fan

This has been the week that keeps on giving in the NFL. Before Russell Wilson’s surprise birthday gift to 7-year-old Noah, Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields had the chance to meet his No. 1 fan.

A young fan showed up at the Bears’ practice facility decked out in Fields gear. It became a dream-come-true when the youngster got to talk with the quarterback. Fields also signed autographs and took photos.

This decked-out Chicago Bears fan made it a point to tell Fields he was the quarterback’s “No. 1 fan.” Fields couldn’t help but smile when he heard those words.

Before too long, both Fields and Wilson will be on the field, subject to praise and criticism. For now, let’s all just give them a fist-bump and kudos for taking time to make a few young fans smile.