Russell Wilson Roasted Over Awkward ‘Dangerous’ Subway Promo

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

Let’s be honest, Russell Wilson is a dork. And that’s okay! But, the NFL quarterback can’t help but be a bit awkward, and fans are roasting him on social media. It all started when the move to Denver was made official, it seemed. The “Let’s ride” videos took control of Twitter and college athletics for a week. This newest video is even more cringe-inducing.

It seems that Subway has been dumping a lot of money into high-profile cameos. From Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and more. Now with Russell Wilson, it seems like they have made the wrong move… or is it exactly what they had planned all along?

You be the judge. And, are you going to be trying the “Dangerwich?”

Fans Roast Russell Wilson, Recreate New Videos

Since the video started to spread far and wide, it was deleted by Wilson and Subway. So, it’s not officially official anymore, you know? That doesn’t stop the internet. It never forgives, it never forgets. When you post cringe, it is forever and that is something that the Broncos QB is learning more and more every day.

What happens when you post a video like Russell Wilson did – creative people get a hold of it. Perhaps no one is more creative than sports fans with a knack for photoshop and video editing. You have to see this edit. No notes, just pure meme gold.

If Blade Runner isn’t your choice of movie, perhaps seeing Wilson as a stand-in for Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Night. Wanna know how he got this sandwich? Why don’t you take a bite and find out?

2022 Let Down Through Three Games

While it’s all fun and games online, Russell Wilson might have a problem on his hands on the field professionally. Through three weeks, Denver has not been impressed with the performance the Super Bowl champion has put out. It isn’t entirely his fault, but the weapons are there for him to thrive offensively. Courtland Sutton is a great receiver and the team has shown flashes.

Take it from this fantasy team owner, Wilson’s numbers have been lackluster. The Broncos and Wilson have a meeting with the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday. Despite a 2-1 record, just getting by won’t be able to get this team through an entire season.

You could say that this next stretch of the season could get spicy, really spicy, for Russell Wilson.