Russell Wilson Speaks Out About Nathaniel Hackett’s Decision to Kick That 64-Yard Field Goal

by Jonathan Howard

In case you were sleeping all day Monday, Russell Wilson sat on the sideline while his head coach elected to attempt a 64-yard field goal. The NFL quarterback is a high-priced commodity. The Denver Broncos signed Wilson to a five-year contract worth $242.58 million. Yet, when the lights were brightest, he was watching.

In Russell Wilson’s first game back at Seattle since leaving for Denver, it was an even bigger head-scratcher. The kick was close to being good from Brandon McManus. Before the kick, the Super Bowl champion QB was used to attempt to draw an offsides penalty on 4th and 5. Denver had all three timeouts. It was a strange situation.

Now, we have the first comments from Wilson since the game.

“Well, we’ve got, maybe the best field goal kicker in the game.”

“I think he has the leg for it for sure,” he said. “Just went a little left I believe. I believe in coach Hackett, I believe in what we’re doing. . . believe in everything. Anytime you can try to find a way to make a play on fourth-and-5 that’s great too but also I don’t think it was the wrong decision.”

“If we were in that situation again, I wouldn’t doubt what he decided,” the QB finished his statement.

In the grand scheme of things, Week 1 might not mean all that much. The Broncos could still go on to win double-digit games. Seattle showed they have a really good defense and with the 12th man behind them, they can rattle offenses. Russell Wilson got a taste of what opposing QBs have gone through for years.

Russell Wilson Booed During Return to Lumen Field

Needless to say, it was a long night for Russell Wilson and the Broncos. This game was a grind-it-out type affair. Not a lot of points were scored, but some flashes of big plays. Courtland Sutton and Wilson connected on multiple occasions giving fans a taste of what to expect from this offense in the weeks to come.

As Wilson made his way onto the field in Seattle for the first time as an opposing player, he received a wealth of boos. The 12th man does not forgive apparently, even if you’ve done everything for the organization that you can possibly do. No one likes to see their franchise QB leave, but at the same time, it was weird seeing it from a non-Seattle fan perspective.

Russell Wilson seems to be unbothered and ready to move on.