Russell Wilson Wants to ‘Go Together’ With Mark Cuban to Bring NBA Team Back to Seattle

by Chris Haney
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on his “Danger Talk” podcast where they talked about bringing an NBA team back to Seattle.

The pair spoke for about an hour and a half about various topics. They talked about the Seahawks recent win, Cuban’s show “Shark Tank,” and their business ventures including sports team ownership.

Cuban is the sole owner of the NBA’s Mavericks. Additionally, Wilson and his wife – singer Ciara – became part owners of Seattle’s professional soccer team, the Seattle Sounders, in 2019.

Wilson brought up the subject of trying to bring NBA basketball back to Seattle. Seattle was home to the Supersonics franchise for more than 40 years before relocating. The organization left the city in 2008, moving to Oklahoma City and changing their name to the Thunder.

As an NBA owner, Cuban had a say in the relocation and voted against the team moving away from Seattle. The pair spoke about Seattle’s longtime basketball history, and both agreed the city needs to bring the NBA back to town.

Wilson and Cuban Agree, Seattle Needs to Bring Back the Sonics

“We’re trying to bring the Sonics back, which first of all, we need to talk about the Sonics” Wilson said to Cuban.

“Hey, I’m there for you. I voted against them leaving. So I’m right there with you. I think we need a team there too,” Cuban agreed.

“Seattle’s like the best best place. If anywhere needs basketball, it’s Seattle,” Wilson replied. “Just the tradition of basketball in Washington is amazing. But, we need to fight for that. You and I need to go together to bat for basketball back in Seattle.”

“I’m already there! If we expand, there’s a couple cities, and Seattle’s probably right at the top of the list,” Cuban said.

“The tradition of basketball here has been so fascinating, so amazing. So hopefully we can get the Sonics back right here in Seattle,” Wilson responded.

Cuban said he isn’t sure when the NBA will expand again, but thinks Seattle is at the top of the list to get a new team when they do. Wilson wants to be part of bringing the team back, and it sounds like he’s got at least one NBA owner’s full support.