Russell Wilson’s New Subway Promo Has the NFL World Asking Why

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

While Russell Wilson is a Super Bowl champion, he’s also a big dork, and NFL fans have found yet another strange Subway promo. Ever since the original “Dangerwich” video, where Wilson creepily stares into the camera and munches on a sub for what feels like forever, the memes have been out in full force.

This latest promo is not going to help the situation, either. Although, at this point, I am starting to think that this might accidentally be some of the best comedic work of 2022.

Put Russell Wilson into a leather jacket, some sunglasses, and a black beanie, and let him go to work. This is such a strange and funny video, it’s hard to know how to react. At least it isn’t as creepy as his last Subway promo.

Fans Meme Russell Wilson – Again

Even with the improvement in terms of weirdness, this is another example in the long list of examples of Russ being a dork. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! But NFL fans are ruthless.

Looking back on the decision to include the blindfolded part – probably not the best idea. This was about as easy of a slam dunk as you can get on the internet. He’s a quarterback for crying out loud, this is like the oldest QB joke in the book. Still – flawless execution from this fan.

Now we all know that Denver Broncos Russell Wilson is not the same as the Seattle Seahawks version. There have been flashes here and there. But it’s not been a great season so far for DangeRuss. This fan thinks that they have it all figured out. Clearly, it’s the Subway endorsement. Nothing else.

Let’s just think about who stands to make the most from these videos – other sub sandwich makers. That’s right. This conspiracy goes all the way down the rabbit hole and I’m not sure many of us are ready to wake up to it yet – or that’s what it seems like, right?

Like this fan pointed out, the folks at Jersey Mike’s have got to be excited when they see a new video drop. The worst crime you can commit on the internet is being cringe – and the punishment is forever.

Okay, maybe it isn’t a conspiracy. Besides, we’re all talking about Russell Wilson and Subway right now, right? So, I guess the folks at marketing win after all.