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San Francisco 49ers’ George Kittle Admits His Childhood NFL Team: ‘I F**king Love the Bears’

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Can a San Francisco 49er be a Chicago Bears fan? George Kittle proves it’s possible.

Whether you feel that the fanship is moral or not, it’s a thing, according to George Kittle. The tight end declared his allegiance to the Bears during an interview on Saturday. San Francisco beat the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday which was exactly what the Bears needed as they battle for the seventh and final spot in the NFC playoffs.

During a post-game interview, Kittle surprised reporters and fans by revealing that he became a Bears fan at a young age. In fact, Kittle revealed, that he enjoyed being able to help the Bears a little during Saturday night’s game.

“I will say this: I did grow up a Bears fan. And the fact that we helped the Bears makes me a little happier. Da Bears!” says Kittle. Even his impression of a Chicago accent is on point! As he finished his interview, he reaffirmed his enthusiasm for the team by yelling, “I f***ing love the Bears!”

George Kittle announces that he’s a Bears fan.

How Did George Kittle Become A Bears Fan?

Kittle was actually born in Madison, Wisconsin so why isn’t he a Packers fan? We’re guessing he wanted to go against the grain. So, he did the dang thing by pledging his allegiance to the Bears. But, we’re just guessing. You’d have to ask him to be sure.

Regardless of the origins of Kittle’s allegiance, he is a true Bears fan. And he, along with his team, definitely helped the Bears get a little closer to clinching a playoff spot. The Cardinals’ loss to the 49ers on Saturday helps clear the path for the Bears to earn a wild card in the NFC. If the Bears win both Weeks 16 and 17 they will officially be in the playoffs. We’re thinking Kittle deserves some free Bears merch as a thank you.