San Francisco 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan Sets Record Straight Regarding Team’s Starting Quarterback

by Patrick Norton

The San Francisco 49ers kick off training camp on Wednesday morning (July 26) with a majority of the NFL. When the team graces the practice field for the first time, head coach Kyle Shanahan wants zero confusion about the starting quarterback race.

The team is moving on from Jimmy Garoppolo, advancing into the season with Trey Lance as QB1.

This isn’t the most surprising revelation, and the working assumption lent credibility to San Francisco looking to move Garoppolo. But this press conference acts as the strongest public statement regarding the future direction for the franchise. Trying to move the money involved with Garoppolo’s $26.5 million cap hit becomes tricky. But certainly a team exists with the need for a steady hand at QB1.

Garoppolo’s downfall comes due to his lackluster ability. They say the best ability is availability, and regardless of the quarterback’s gutsy efforts, he played just 46 games in four-plus seasons in San Francisco. Nearly 31-years-old, the athleticism and strength deteriorates with each brutal blow.

When Shanahan and GM John Lynch selected Trey Lance third overall in the 2020 NFL draft, the writing on the wall became intensely clear. The clock began ticking rapidly for Jimmy G’s career in the Bay Area. But while the staff took a year to build Lance’s professional characteristics, Garoppolo spent the season in the driver’s seat.

With Shanahan and Lance ready to take flight in 2022 with a younger, diversified playbook, Garoppolo becomes the odd man out. It’s The Trey Lance Show live from San Francisco and today’s presser means it starts right now.

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch Prohibiting Exterior Factors From Becoming Distractions

The Deebo Samuel Saga continues grabbing headlines and garnering national attention. Regarding whether or not the receiver requested a trade earlier in the offseason is a bit cloudy. But one thing is for certain: the team expects to come to an agreement with Samuel soon. Lynch says nothing is imminent, but says the parties have held “productive and substantive talks.”

And even with the looming future transaction of Garoppolo, team stars remain unwavering in support of the new direction. In a recent interview with Rich Eisen, linebacker Fred Warner said of Lance, “I can continue to sit here and tell you how great of a person and player that he is. I’ve already spoken on that. But whatever it may be, I know that he is, for sure, if given the reins, that he’s ready for it. He’s very professional and mature and ready for whatever he is given.”