Scott Hall, WWE Wrestling Legend, Dead at 63

by Samantha Whidden

Scott Hall, a former WWE, and WCW wrestling legend, is reportedly dead at the age of 63. The wrestler was previously placed on life support after suffering health complications following recent hip surgery. 

According to PWTorch, Scott Hall had suffered three heart attacks before being placed on life support on Saturday (March 12th) at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Georgia. The former WWE champ had rip replacement surgery earlier this month. But suffered health complications when a blood clot got loose. 

Former professional wrestler and promoter Jerry Jarrett confirmed that Hall was hospitalized on March 1st. He shared with PWInsider, “Just got off the phone with my friend, Scott Hall. He fell and broke his hip and he’s in the hospital. Prayers will help him recover.”

WWE confirmed the tragic news on Monday night, March 14.

Scott Hall began his wrestling career in 1984 with the National Wrestling Alliance’s (NWA) Florida territory Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF). He signed with WWF (eventually WWE) in May 1992 under his ring name Razor Ramon. He won the WWF Intercontinental Champion four times before departing the froth organization in May 1996 and defected to WCW. Hall eventually became a two-time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion; a one-time WCW World Television Champion; and a nine-time WCW World Tag Team Championship. 

Eventually, Scott Hall left WCW and returned to WWE for a short stint in 2002. Despite never winning a world championship in a major promotion, Hall is a two-time world championship for holding WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship and USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship. He retired from wrestling in 2010. The wrestler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a single competitor in 2014 and then as a member of the nWo in 2020. 

Scott Hall is survived by his two children. Which includes his son and professional wrestler, Cody Hall. 

Scott Hall Previously Spoke About What He Learned From Working With Vince McMahon

In an April 2021 interview with Inside the Rope, Scott Hall recalled what he learned from working alongside Vince McMahon. “Vice always told guys to use their face. That’s where the money is. You have to keep an eye on the camera. So in my entrance, I’d usually go and look right to the hard-camera side. You could see in the nWo days. I’d just look right t the camera and go, ‘I’m the s—!’”

While chatting about his wrestling days, Scott Hall shared the story about how renamed his “Fallaway Slam” to “Sack-of-S—” during a match in Puerto Rico. “There was another move, the Fallaway Slam, that some people started calling ‘Hall-away Slam.’ But I actually called it the ‘sack of s—’ cause I was working with [WWE Hall-of-Famer] Carlos Col at the time in Puerto Rico.”

“I told him, ‘duck the clothesline, then crossbow,’” Scott Hall continued. “I caught him and just thinking of cool moves to do. Just – boom. I threw him back over my head. We got back to the locker room and he told me, ‘Amigo! What the hell? You threw me like a sack-of-s—!’ So that’s how I named it. But it’s great to see the young guys still using it.”