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Scottie Scheffler’s 88-Year-Old Grandmother Steals the Show, Goes Viral at The Players Championship

by Dustin Schutte
scottie scheffler family
(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Scottie Scheffler dominated the field at the Players Championship over the weekend, but he wasn’t the biggest story. Instead, it was his 88-year-old grandmother who stole the show during the PGA Tour event.

Scheffler’s grandmother, Mary, won the hearts of golf fans everywhere over the weekend. She walked all 72 holes of the four-day tournament, following her grandson on every shot.

Mary’s presence on the course might’ve given Scheffler a boost. The world’s No. 1 golfer carded a -17 for the tournament, winning the Players Championship by five strokes.

The weekend’s victory marked his sixth career win on the PGA Tour. After claiming the top spot, Scheffler talked about his grandmother’s appearance on the course.

“It’s pretty impressive she’s walking so many holes out here,” Scheffler said. “She’s a trooper. We’ve been coming here to spend time with her for a long time and, gosh, I really don’t know … don’t know what to say.

“She’s had a rough last year with grandpa passing away and, you know, we have an uncle that’s pretty sick. I’m happy that we’re all able to kinda enjoy all of this together.”

Perhaps the best moment of the tournament came when Scheffler knocked in his final putt to win the tournament. His family’s reaction, including from his grandmother, was priceless.

Golf Fans Grow Tired of Paul Azinger for Scottie Scheffler Comments

Fans tuned into the weekend’s Players Championship swooned over Scottie Scheffler’s grandmother, Mary. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those same fans loathed comments made by NBC analyst Paul Azinger.

Several fans took to Twitter to criticize Azinger after he made some strange comments regarding Scheffler’s confidence.

On the second hole on Saturday, Scheffler chipped in for an eagle — which is usually something celebrated. But Azinger decided to put his little “unique” spin on the shot, saying it could be costly if Scheffler didn’t keep his emotions in check.

First, that’s a dumb comment to make. Second, Scheffler had won five PGA Tour events before last weekend, including a victory at Augusta National. He’s probably just fine, Paul.

Fans watching quickly jumped to Scheffler’s defense.

“Scheffler pitches in on the 2nd for eagle, and Azinger’s first reaction is that it could be too much of an emotional boost for Scottie,” one Twitter user wrote. “I’m not sure there is a worse take on that shot.”

“Paul Azinger cannot read the moment,” another fan said. “Scheffler pulls off an unbelievable shot, and in his monotone tune, he turns it into a negative, talking about how this could lead to a let down on the next hole. Uhmmm… what?”

Maybe next time we’ll get more of Scheffler’s grandmother during the broadcast and less of Azinger’s wild remarks.